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TitleBernardo's EntriesLocationDate
The Carolina Cup 2018 View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2018
8th Midwest SUP Masters Race & Lap the Lake FundraiserView EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/08/2017
Chicago SUP Lagoonapalooza 2017View Entries2341 N Cannon Dr, Chicago, IL 6061408/05/2017
Up North Standup Paddleboard ClassicView Entries214 South Benzie Boulevard, Beulah, MI07/15/2017
Great Iowa River RaceView EntriesSturgis Ferry Park, Iowa City, IA06/10/2017
7th Annual Midwest SUP Masters RaceView EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/09/2016
Browns Lake SUP 2016View EntriesTuckwell Park, Browns Lake, WI07/09/2016
2nd Annual Place of the Gathering Paddlers SUP RaceView EntriesLakeshore State Park, North Harbor Drive, Milwaukee, WI05/21/2016
6th Annual Midwest SUP MastersView EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/12/2015
Standup Paddle People Battle 2015View Entries1 Lake Front Drive, Zion, IL08/22/2015
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Saturday Graveyard: 12 Miles15180/80Bernardo IsacoviciSUP 14' and Under3:51:47
SUP Clinic with Paddle Monster Coach Seychelle: Standup paddle racing and technique clinic with coach Seychelle, Improve stroke efficiency for speed and endurance Discuss proper training, and recovery for paddlers. Racing tactics and strategies. Starts, drafting, finishing strong, Friday from 12:00 – 2:00 PMNANABernardo IsacoviciSUP (All)NA
SUP Masters Long Race WPA- Single Points2517/17Bernardo IsacoviciSUP Stock 1401:52:37.50
Lap the Lake fundraiserNANABernardo IsacoviciSUP Stock 14NA
SUP Masters Short Race WPA-Single Points154/5Bernardo IsacoviciSUP Stock 1400:45:21.48
1 Mile Race11/1Bernardo IsacoviciSUP (All)00:13:14.82
3 Mile Recreational Race63/5Bernardo IsacoviciSUP 14'00:47:36.87
1 Mile Fun Race (FREE)21/4Bernardo IsacoviciSUP (All)00:16:04.45
6 Mile Elite Race 143/3Bernardo IsacoviciSUP 14'01:19:27.80
SUP YogaNANABernardo IsacoviciSUP Non-RaceboardNA
Zane Schweitzer 1-hour SUP Group Clinic 12:30 pmNANABernardo IsacoviciSUP (All)NA
Crystal Lake 6 Mile Elite2611/11Bernardo IsacoviciSUP 14'01:12:58.45
4.6 mile DOWNWIND DUEL309/10Bernardo IsacoviciSUP 14'01:07:06.89
*Recreational* Race (Most will fall in this category!) (10 AM)241/2Bernardo IsacoviciSUP (All)01:48:01.99
SUP Masters Short Race WPA-Single Points344/5Bernardo IsacoviciSUP 12'6"00:56:05.51
Black Point Burner Sunday Endurance WPA sanctioned351/1Bernardo IsacoviciSUP 12'6"03:28:22.79
Browns Lake SUP 3 Mile Short Race WPA-Single Points122/6Bernardo IsacoviciSUP 12'6"00:35:50.86
Browns Lake SUP 1 Mile Fun Race94/4Bernardo IsacoviciSUP (All)00:16:00.60
SATURDAY SUP Masters Short Race WPA Double Points4514/14Bernardo IsacoviciSUP 12'6"00:55:41.66
Friday Night Paddle Clinic Westy NANABernardo IsacoviciSUP 12'6"NA
Recreational Race (3 mi)156/7Bernardo IsacoviciSUP 12'6"00:55:51.85

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