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TitleZeke's EntriesLocationDate
2018 Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove Park, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA01/27/2018
Sunday Sunday Sunday Race Series #3 2017 View EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA09/24/2017
Ta-Hoe Nalu 2017View Entries8318 N Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, CA08/12/2017
2017 Mongoose CupView EntriesDana Cove Park, Dana Point Harbor, Dana Point, California04/08/2017
NAC Hal Rosoff Classic 2017View EntriesNewport Aquatic Center Inc, Whitecliffs Drive, Newport Beach, CA02/11/2017
2017 Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove Park, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA01/28/2017
SDOCC La Jolla Shores Invitational 2016View EntriesKellogg Park, La Jolla, CA11/12/2016
SUNDAYX3 PADDLE RACE SERIES & SURVIVOR BEACH 2016 View EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA09/25/2016
Water Warrior Amphibious Assault 2016View EntriesCamp Pendleton Boat Basin, Camp Pendleton South, CA09/17/2016
THE QUIKSILVER WATERMAN'S FESTIVALView EntriesBeach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 9264808/14/2016
Sunday Sunday Sunday Race Series #1 2016View EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA06/12/2016
Tommy Bahama Paddleboard Race at the Santa Monica PierView EntriesSanta Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA06/11/2016
Stand Up For Clean Water 2016View EntriesParadise Cove Road, Malibu, CA04/16/2016
2016 Mongoose CupView EntriesDana Cove Park, Dana Point Harbor, Dana Point, California04/09/2016
Dana Ocean Challenge 2016View EntriesDana Point Harbor, Dana Point, CA03/19/2016
NAC Hal Rosoff Classic 2016View EntriesNewport Aquatic Center Inc, Whitecliffs Drive, Newport Beach, CA02/06/2016
2016 Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove Park, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA01/23/2016
SDOCC La Jolla Shores Invitational 2015View EntriesKellogg Park, La Jolla, CA11/07/2015
4th annual Urban Surf 4 Kids PaddleFest 2015View EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA10/17/2015
Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt LifeView EntriesDoheny Beach, Dana Point, CA10/10/2015
NAC Friday Night Brights: Neon Summer LightsView Entries1 Whitecliffs Drive, Newport Beach, CA08/14/2015
South Tahoe SUP Series View EntriesEl Dorado Beach, South Lake Tahoe, CA06/17/2015
2015 Hobie Hennessy's Waterman's ChallengeView EntriesDoheny State Beach, Dana Point, CA05/30/2015
3rd Annual Performance Paddling Jr Pro & Youth Sup FiestaView EntriesBolsa Chica State Beach, Huntington Beach, CA05/03/2015
Paddleme Championships 2015View EntriesMother's Beach, Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA03/28/2015
Dana Ocean Challenge 2015View EntriesDana Point Harbor, Dana Point, CA03/21/2015
Hal Rosoff Classic 2015View EntriesNewport Aquatic Center Inc, Whitecliffs Drive, Newport Beach, CA02/07/2015
2015 Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove Park, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA01/24/2015
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Short Course1012/9Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:58:55.74
5K (3.1 Mile) 2-Lap w/ Technical 22/6Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:29:43.52
1.5K 17U Technical Race11/4Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:03:50.22
2 Mile Beginner Race Sunday Aug. 13 8:50 am33/20Zeke RoseOpen00:17:37.00
5 mile Race - Sat Aug. 12 9 am (includes 1 T-Shirt & Raffle ticket)411/3Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"1:03:02.35
Ta-Hoe Nalu Sprint elimination chalenge - Sunday Aug. 13 Individual and 4 person Team Dragon categoriesNANAZeke RoseSUP 12'6"NA
KIDS 12'6 SUP Time Trial63/11Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:11:24.87
Board Race294/5Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:51:06.93
Short Course591/3Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:49:16.60
Short Course1424/6Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:56:24.35
Kids Board Race11/5Zeke RoseSUP (All)00:03:33.00
1.5 Mile Youth Technical74/9Zeke RoseSUP (All)00:06:51.15
5K (3.1 MILES) FIGURE 8 2-LAP RACE73/7Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:34:10.12
SUP Dash for CashNANAZeke RoseSUP (All)NA
Open 5 Mile Age Group Paddle Board RaceNANAZeke RoseSUP 12'6"NA
SUP Unlimited 1 Mile Intermediate Race (On same time as 5 mile Elite)52/2Zeke RoseSUP (All)00:15:23.00
5K 103/4Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:31:42.61
1K 17U Technical Race63/5Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:08:11.56
Juniors 500 Meter Paddle Race32/4Zeke RoseSUP (All)00:04:48
SUP & Paddleboard Long Course523/5Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"01:39:20
Kid's Racing Entry (17 & Under)NANAZeke RoseAllNA
14' Time Trial Kid'sNANAZeke RoseAllNA
12'6 Time Trial Kid's41/4Zeke RoseAll00:13:08.78
Prone Time Trial Kid'sNANAZeke RoseAllNA
BOYS Sport of Kings Sprint Race51/2Zeke RoseAll00:04:58.09
GIRLS Sport of Kings Sprint RaceNANAZeke RoseAllNA
SUP: Jr117/9Zeke RoseSUP (All)00:52:59.26
Keiki: Inside the Harbor63/6Zeke RoseSUP (All)1:15:00
Mini Race11/2Zeke RoseSUP Under 12'6"00:10:31
Short CourseNANAZeke RoseSUP 12'6"NA
Kids 1000m62/5Zeke RoseSUP (All)00:05:12.77
Short Course30310/10Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"01:13:29.09
Short Course597/7Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:52:30
GROM for SUP kids age 14, 12, 10, 8NANAZeke RoseSUP Under 12'6"NA
6 Mile Course174/4Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"01:12:47.69
Kids RaceNANAZeke RoseAllNA
WaterGrom BOYS Open Race (JV two events)76/8Zeke RoseSUP Under 12'6"00:27:46.09
WaterGrom BOYS Open Surf Race87/8Zeke RoseSUP Under 12'6"00:16:10.05
Age Group SUP Surfing NANAZeke RoseAllNA
Age Group SUP Racing NANAZeke RoseAllNA
12-14 Girls SUP RacingNANAZeke RoseAllNA
12-14 Boys SUP RacingNANAZeke RoseAllNA
9-11 Boys SUP Racing99/10Zeke RoseAll00:08:07.82
9-11 Girls SUP RacingNANAZeke RoseAllNA
15-17 Boys SUP RacingNANAZeke RoseAllNA
15-17 Girls SUP RacingNANAZeke RoseAllNA
8 & Under SUP RacingNANAZeke RoseAllNA
Short Course991/1Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"01:15:28.43
Keiki CourseNANAZeke RoseSUP (All)NA
Keiki: Inside the Harbor61/5Zeke RoseSUP (All)00:00:06:18
SUP: Jr187/7Zeke RoseSUP (All)01:10:59:06
Kids Race61/3Zeke RoseSUP (All)00:08:56.00
Short Course1258/8Zeke RoseSUP 12'6"00:57:49.32
Kids 1000m131/5Zeke RoseSUP (All)00:06:24.26

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