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TitleJohn's EntriesLocationDate
Gorge Downwind Champs 2018 - Ski, OCView EntriesHood River, OR07/16/2018
Cape to Cape Paddle 2018View Entries1000 Beach Ave, Cape May, NJ07/01/2018
Key West Paddle Classic 2018View EntriesHiggs Beach, 1000 Atlantic Boulevard, Key West, FL04/28/2018
The Carolina Cup 2018 View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2018
Chucktown Showdown 2017View Entries185 Lockwood Dr, Charleston, SC 2940309/16/2017
The Colonial SUP Race 2017View Entries403 East Front Street, New Bern, NC08/26/2017
Cape to Cape Paddle 2017View Entries1000 Beach Ave, Cape May, NJ06/25/2017
Key West Paddle Classic 2017View EntriesHiggs Beach Pier, Atlantic Boulevard, Key West, FL04/29/2017
The West Marine Carolina Cup 2017View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2017
Shark Bite Challenge 2017View EntriesHoneymoon Island State Park, 1 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin, FL 3469804/07/2017
Wrightsville Beach Biathlon 2017View Entries275 Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC03/18/2017
Englewood Beach PaddleFest 2016View EntriesManasota Key, FL11/12/2016
Chucktown Showdown 2016View Entries0 Lockwood Blvd, Charleston, SC09/17/2016
The Colonial SUP Race 2016View Entries403 East Front Street, New Bern, NC08/27/2016
8th Cape Story Paddle Race 2016View EntriesPier Cafe, 2350 Starfish Rd, Virginia Beach, VA08/06/2016
Cayuga Lake SUP Cup 2016View EntriesMyers Park, Lansing Park Road, Lansing, NY07/29/2016
2016 DRCF Paddle For A Cause Presented by J&L Amish DepotView EntriesGolden Nugget Hotel, Castle Boulevard, Atlantic City, NJ 0840106/11/2016
Bay Bridge PaddleView EntriesSandy Point State Park, 1100 East College Parkway, Annapolis, MD05/14/2016
Key West Paddle Classic 2016View EntriesHiggs Beach Pier, Atlantic Boulevard, Key West, FL04/30/2016
The West Marine Carolina Cup 2016View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2016
Surf to Sound 2015View EntriesBlockade Runner Beach Resort, Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC11/06/2015
Chucktown Showdown 2015View Entries0 Lockwood Blvd, Charleston, SC09/19/2015
The Colonial SUP Race 2015View EntriesEast Front Street, New Bern, NC08/15/2015
Cayuga Lake SUP Cup 2015View EntriesMyers Park, Lansing Park Road, Lansing, NY08/01/2015
4th Annual Stand Up for the Hooch 2015View EntriesAtlanta, GA07/12/2015
Cape to Cape Paddle 2015View EntriesBeach Avenue, Cape May, NJ07/08/2015
Florida Cup 2015View Entries15100 Gulf Boulevard, St Petersburg, FL 3370805/15/2015
Key West Paddle Classic 2015View EntriesHiggs Beach Pier, Atlantic Boulevard, Key West, FL04/30/2015
The Carolina Cup 2015View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/22/2015
Wrightsville Beach Museum SUP Surfing Pro AmView Entries703 South Lumina Avenue, Wrightsville Beach, NC04/17/2015
Golden Nugget SUP RaceView Entries526 Mill Street, Mt Pleasant, SC10/11/2014
Key West Paddle Board Classic 2014View EntriesKey West, FL05/03/2014
Chucktown Showdown 2013View EntriesCharleston, SC09/13/2013
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SINGLE PADDLING 12-Mile Distance Race76/14John BeausangOC-102:12:10.79
Sunday Graveyard: Surfski, Outrigger and Kayak4011/11John BeausangSurfski Single2:10:15
Money Island: 10K157/9John BeausangSurfski Single00:57:03.00
Harbor (9mi)62/4John BeausangOC-101:27:44.77
Distance11/2John BeausangOC-100:34:11.76
Long Course62/3John BeausangOC-102:31:55.60
Key West Paddle Classic 12-Mile "Around the Island" Distance Race (Sat. April 29th) Race starts: 9:00am281/1John BeausangSurfski Single02:20:02.38
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles383/7John BeausangOC-102:16:01.30
Travis Grants Outrigger Canoe clinic Sunday 1pm - 2:30pmNANAJohn BeausangOC-1NA
CPR and Drowning Resuscitation with Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue- Friday April 21, 1pm - 5pmNANAJohn BeausangAllNA
The Epic Kayaks Shark Bite Challenge - 8 Mile Race507/13John BeausangOC-11:23:34
Wrightsville Beach Biathlon - Run What You Brung11/2John BeausangOC-101:28:46.67
6 Mile Long Course42/2John BeausangOC-100:55:45.56
Harbor (9mi)152/3John BeausangOC-101:39:30.01
Long Course11/1John BeausangOC-101:09:36.28
9 Mile Race (SUP & Kayaks)6224/30John BeausangSUP 14'02:01:42.15
Key West Paddle Classic 12-Mile "Around the Island" Distance Race (Sat. April 30th) Race starts: 9:00am642/2John BeausangProne Unlimited03:04:03.09
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles75/7John BeausangOC-102:22:12.10
Surf to Sound 6.5 Mile562/3John BeausangProne Stock01:24:41.59
Harbor Course - 9 Miles654/4John BeausangProne (All)02:03:46.58
Long Course211/1John BeausangProne (All)01:35:58.56
"Paddle to the Falls" (6 mile)161/1John BeausangProne (All)01:18:04.76
6 MILE2911/17John BeausangSUP 14'01:23:23.19
Long Course161/2John BeausangProne Stock4:07:10
Elite 9 mile621/1John BeausangProne 14'01:56:57
Key West Paddle Classic 12-Mile752/3John BeausangProne Unlimited02:42:18.43
SUP Stroke Clinic with Johnny PuakeaNANAJohn BeausangAllNA
Blackjack 5k81/13John BeausangSUP Surfboard00:36:45.69
Harbour Course 9 Miles2811/17John BeausangSUP 14'1:40:25

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