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TitleBob's EntriesLocationDate
The Carolina Cup 2018 View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2018
Surf to Sound 2017View EntriesBlockade Runner Beach Resort, Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC11/02/2017
Great Peconic Race 2017View EntriesShelter Island, NY09/09/2017
Stand Up for the Lake 2017View EntriesBurlington, VT08/05/2017
The West Marine Carolina Cup 2017View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2017
3rd Annual Providence Paddle BattleView Entries9 Pier Road, East Providence, RI11/06/2016
Surf to Sound 2016View EntriesBlockade Runner Beach Resort, Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC11/04/2016
Glicker DownwinderView EntriesLong Sands Beach, York, ME10/08/2016
Great Peconic Race 2016View EntriesShelter Island, NY09/10/2016
Stand Up for the Lake 2016View EntriesBurlington, VT08/06/2016
Charles Island Sup Cup 2016View EntriesWalnut Beach, Milford, CT06/19/2016
Soundsurfer Watermans Challenge 2016View EntriesSeaside Park, Bridgeport, CT06/18/2016
The West Marine Carolina Cup 2016View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2016
6th Annual Adler PaddlerView Entries5489 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 9080303/12/2016
Westport River SUP ClassicView Entries489 Old County Road, Westport, MA11/14/2015
Surf to Sound 2015View EntriesBlockade Runner Beach Resort, Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC11/06/2015
Great Peconic Race 2015View EntriesShelter Island, NY09/20/2015
The 2015 Nantucket Paddle Battle View EntriesUMass Field Station, Nantucket, MA09/12/2015
2nd Annual Providence Paddle BattleView EntriesProvidence, RI08/30/2015
Stand Up for the LakeView EntriesBurlington, VT08/08/2015
Paddle For PlummerView Entries37 Winter Island Road, Salem, MA07/11/2015
Casco Bay ChallengeView EntriesPortland, Maine06/27/2015
Soundsurfer Watermans Challenge 2015View EntriesSeaside Park, Bridgeport, CT05/30/2015
The Carolina Cup 2015View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/22/2015
Great Peconic RaceView EntriesShelter Island, NY09/14/2014
Lobster Sup CupView EntriesCamden, Maine08/08/2014
2014 Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World ChampionshipsView EntriesMolokai, HI07/27/2014
Soundsurfer Watermans ChallengeView Entries575 Riverside Avenue, Westport, CT05/31/2014
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Surf to Sound and Blockade Runner- ComboNANABob ArnotSUP UnlimitedNA
SUP in the Surfzone "crash" course with April ZilgNANABob ArnotSUP (All)NA
SUP Racing technique clinic with April ZilgNANABob ArnotSUP (All)NA
Surf to Sound 6.5 Mile331/1Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited1:35:35
Blockade Runner Flatwater Championship 9 miles231/1Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited1:59:13
Elite Race (6 miles)2315/21Bob ArnotSUP 14'01:16:54.75
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles1462/3Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited03:14:13.90
Blockade Runner Flatwater Championship 9 milesNANABob ArnotSUP UnlimitedNA
Surf to Sound 6.5 Mile171/1Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited01:34:37.80
19.5 Mile Full Course451/1Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited04:40:20.14
Elite Race (6 miles)1716/30Bob ArnotSUP 14'00:52:23.86
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles1281/1Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited2:36:38.20
Travis Grant 1 on 1 clinic 3pmNANABob ArnotAllNA
Fun Course209/14Bob ArnotSUP 14'01:04:21.97
Long Course SUP 14' Men209/14Bob ArnotSUP 14'01:04:21.97
Surf to Sound 6.5 Mile381/1Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited01:15:44.647
Larry Cain Advanced Paddling Clinic- FridayNANABob ArnotAllNA
Blockade Runner Flatwater Championship 9 milesNANABob ArnotSUP UnlimitedNA
19 Mile Full Course261/1Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited4:07:05
Elite Course: Men's race boards 12'6" and up 98/11Bob ArnotSUP Raceboard01:27:37.61
Long Course77/10Bob ArnotSUP 14'01:54:51.39
Elite Race (6 miles)1916/21Bob ArnotSUP 14'01:18:18.51
6 Mile Elite (no 14' division for women)251/1Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited01:01:00
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles1252/2Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited2:47:04
19 miles full course151/2Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited03:55:48.29
7 Mile Elite 161/1Bob ArnotSUP Unlimited01:31:28.45

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