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TitleJeramie's EntriesLocationDate
The Carolina Cup 2018 View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2018
Red Bull Privateers View EntriesCape Romano, Collier County, FL02/10/2018
Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge 2017View EntriesWaterfront Park, Hood River Waterfront Trail, Hood River, OR08/19/2017
Soundsurfer Watermans Challenge 2017View EntriesSeaside Park, Bridgeport, CT06/17/2017
2017 WPA Paddle Championships Presented by SALT LIFEView Entries1000 Bay Ave, Columbus, GA06/03/2017
Treasure Island Pirate Paddle III 2017View EntriesRiverfront Park, River Road, Point Pleasant, NJ05/20/2017
Bay Bridge Paddle 2017View EntriesSandy Point State Park, 1100 East College Parkway, Annapolis, MD04/29/2017
The West Marine Carolina Cup 2017View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2017
The 4th Annual Coconut Cup Sup Festival 2017View EntriesFrederiksted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands03/31/2017
Chucktown Showdown 2016View Entries0 Lockwood Blvd, Charleston, SC09/17/2016
7th Annual Midwest SUP Masters RaceView EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/09/2016
Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge 2016View EntriesWaterfront Park, Hood River Waterfront Trail, Hood River, OR08/20/2016
Richard Henry Dana Charity Paddle Race 2016View Entries24399 Dana Drive, Dana Point, CA 9262908/05/2016
2nd Annual Urban Kai's King & Queen of the Bay 2016View Entries13090 Gandy Boulevard North, St. Petersburg, FL05/21/2016
Bay Bridge PaddleView EntriesSandy Point State Park, 1100 East College Parkway, Annapolis, MD05/14/2016
Paddle Race for the Bays, Sag Harbor - 2016View EntriesHavens Beach Road, Sag Harbor, NY05/07/2016
The West Marine Carolina Cup 2016View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2016
Coconut Cup Sup FestivalView EntriesFrederiksted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands04/02/2016
Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt LifeView EntriesDoheny Beach, Dana Point, CA10/10/2015
Chucktown Showdown 2015View Entries0 Lockwood Blvd, Charleston, SC09/19/2015
Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle ChallengeView EntriesWaterfront Park, Hood River Waterfront Trail, Hood River, OR08/22/2015
DPYC Richard Henry Dana Charity Paddle RaceView Entries24399 Dana Drive, Dana Point, CA 9262907/24/2015
Wet Wednesday at DPYC Paddle CenterView Entries24399 Dana Drive, Dana Point, CA 9262907/15/2015
Key West Paddle Classic 2015View EntriesHiggs Beach Pier, Atlantic Boulevard, Key West, FL04/30/2015
The Carolina Cup 2015View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/22/2015
Dana Ocean Challenge 2015View EntriesDana Point Harbor, Dana Point, CA03/21/2015
Hal Rosoff Classic 2015View EntriesNewport Aquatic Center Inc, Whitecliffs Drive, Newport Beach, CA02/07/2015
2015 Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove Park, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA01/24/2015
Becky Stuart Memorial Race 2014View EntriesOceanside, CA12/06/2014
2014 WPA Paddle ChampionshipsView EntriesSirata Beach Resort, 5300 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, FL10/25/2014
2014 Battle of the Bay San FranciscoView EntriesEast Beach, Presidio, San Francisco, CA09/20/2014
2014 Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival View EntriesSanta Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA06/07/2014
Soundsurfer Watermans ChallengeView Entries575 Riverside Avenue, Westport, CT05/31/2014
Carolina Cup National Race 2014View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/26/2014
US Sup TourView Entries1 Main St, Huntington Beach, CA 9264803/22/2014
4th Annual Adler PaddlerView Entries5489 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 9080303/16/2014
Lanakila ClassicView Entries200 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, CA02/22/2014
Hal Rosoff Classic 2014View Entries1 Whitecliffs Dr, Newport Beach, CA 9266002/08/2014
2014 Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove Park, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA01/25/2014
Hennesseys WPA World ChampionshipView Entries101 Montelago Blvd, Henderson, NV 8901109/21/2013
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Saturday Graveyard: 12 Miles4733/80Jeramie VaineSUP 14' and Under2:32:00
#2 Double Downwind Race Elite Men5137/47Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:12:43.06
Course Race Open Men43/17Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:34:54.55
Double Downwind Race Elite Men5438/49Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:12:59.74
6 Mile Elite 11/12Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:04:24
Men's PRO SUP 14' Technical87/7Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:34:22.86
Men's PRO SUP 14' Distance44/7Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:19:40.73
7-Mile Elite Course42/10Jeramie VaineSUP Stock 1401:09:49.73
9 Mile Race (SUP & Kayaks)155/33Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:59:58.40
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles5529/82Jeramie VaineSUP 14'02:27:34.00
10k Technical Elite Course101/2Jeramie VaineSUP 12'6"00:39:27.20
Elite Sprint ChallengeNANAJeramie VaineSUP 12'6"NA
12k Downwinder/flatwater71/3Jeramie VaineSUP 12'6"01:30:58.77
Harbor (9mi)193/31Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:43:41.96
SUP Masters Long Race WPA- Single Points11/14Jeramie VaineSUP Stock 1401:07:50.56
Black Point Burner Sunday Endurance WPA sanctioned21/11Jeramie VaineSUP Stock 1402:05:54.19
Race 2 Double Downwind Race Elite Men6747/48Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:15:40.02
Course Race Elite Men4235/43Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:00:22.84
Race 1 Double Downwind Race Elite Men5641/50Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:13:30.94
Distance Race Elite- SUP, Prone ULT (5 miles)41/2Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:56:26.84
9 Mile Race (SUP & Kayaks)124/30Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:30:55.37
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles7339/105Jeramie VaineSUP 14'2:18:18.10
10k elite race85/6Jeramie VaineSUP Stock 1400:46:18.18
12k Downwinder/flatwater64/8Jeramie VaineSUP Stock 1401:30:48.47
Harbor Course - 9 Miles131/30Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:34:03.36
Double Downwind Race Elite Men2622/45Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:23:22.52
Course Race Elite Men2725/41Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:01:31.66
Open Race (2.4 miles)11/3Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:25:22.96
NON-Member 2 Mile Fun Paddle11/1Jeramie VaineSUP 12'6"00:21:23.41
Key West Paddle Classic 12-Mile71/5Jeramie VaineSUP 14'02:06:27.37
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles2017/87Jeramie VaineSUP 14'2:15:12
Board Race114/11Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:49:24.76
Short Course472/4Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:41:36.08
Short Course657/25Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:55:28.19
Short Course462/6Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:48:15
MENS PRO SUP 14' Technical Race (5-6 miles)138/18Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:57:45.37
SUP 12'6 & 14' Distance Race43/18Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:11:28.75
8.5 Mile SUP & Prone Pro Distance Race 66/6Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:37:31.10
5 Mile SUP & Prone Pro Race55/7Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:04:38.43
Elite Race: Men's SUP 14'1010/18Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:03:21.20
7 Mile Elite 22/11Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:18:31.16
Long Course42/10Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:49:22.77
Short Course392/6Jeramie VaineSUP 12'6"00:50:01.60
Short Course507/17Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:39:00.00
Short Course719/33Jeramie VaineSUP 14'00:44:24.41
Men's Pro SUP Slalom Race (4.5 mile Final)41/4Jeramie VaineSUP 14'01:00:39.23

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