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TitleKirsten's EntriesLocationDate
Surf to Sound 2017View EntriesBlockade Runner Beach Resort, Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC11/02/2017
8th Midwest SUP Masters Race & Lap the Lake FundraiserView EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/08/2017
Power Island RAPA NUI 2017 ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSED View EntriesBowers Harbor, Grand Traverse County, MI08/26/2017
Chicago SUP Lagoonapalooza 2017View Entries2341 N Cannon Dr, Chicago, IL 6061408/05/2017
Up North Standup Paddleboard ClassicView Entries214 South Benzie Boulevard, Beulah, MI07/15/2017
45TH Parallel Paddle Festival 2017View EntriesSuttons Bay, MI06/24/2017
The West Marine Carolina Cup 2017View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2017
7th Annual Midwest SUP Masters RaceView EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/09/2016
Chicago SUP LagoonapaloozaView Entries2341 N Cannon Dr, Chicago, IL 6061408/28/2016
Power Island RAPA NUI 2016View EntriesBowers Harbor, Grand Traverse County, MI08/20/2016
Browns Lake SUP 2016View EntriesTuckwell Park, Browns Lake, WI07/09/2016
EOS SUP n Surf Challenge 2016 WPA National Points RaceView EntriesElkhart Lake, WI06/19/2016
2016 IcebreakerView Entries454 Lake Street, Fontana-on-Geneva Lake, WI06/11/2016
5th Annual Sprint and Splash 2016View EntriesLake Saint Clair Metropark, Metro Parkway, Harrison Township, MI06/05/2016
2nd Annual Place of the Gathering Paddlers SUP RaceView EntriesLakeshore State Park, North Harbor Drive, Milwaukee, WI05/21/2016
The West Marine Carolina Cup 2016View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2016
6th Annual Midwest SUP MastersView EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/12/2015
Skyline SUP Series 2015View EntriesLincoln Park, Chicago, IL08/29/2015
Standup Paddle People Battle 2015View Entries1 Lake Front Drive, Zion, IL08/22/2015
EOS SUP n Surf Challenge 2015View EntriesElkhart Lake, WI06/21/2015
5th Annual Midwest SUP Masters View EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/06/2014
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Surf to Sound 6.5 Mile459/11Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"1:58:36
Blockade Runner Flatwater Championship 9 miles223/4Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"1:58:14
Surf to Sound and Blockade Runner- ComboNANAKirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"NA
SUP in the Surfzone "crash" course with April ZilgNANAKirsten LefeldtSUP (All)NA
SUP Masters Long Race WPA- Single Points83/6Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:25:33.60
Power Island Rapa Nui323/8Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:41:22.18
6 Mile Elite Race 73/7Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:07:46.78
Crystal Lake 6 Mile Elite143/5Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:04:09.48
4.6 mile DOWNWIND DUEL102/4Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"00:54:07.75
SUP Elite 6 Mile - MIdwest Championship and DOUBLE point race193/7Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:28:19.00
Connor Baxter's group paddle clinic on Friday @ 1pmNANAKirsten LefeldtSUP (All)NA
Money Island: 6 Miles8912/22Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:38:57.30
Zane Schweitzer's Sup Surf clinic on Sunday @9amNANAKirsten LefeldtSUP (All)NA
SUP Masters Long Race WPA- Single Points254/8Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:26:24.79
Black Point Burner Sunday Endurance WPA sanctioned243/5Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"02:39:10.05
6 Mile Elite Race 123/4Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:16:32.53
Power Island Rapa Nui303/8Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:52:18.00
Browns Lake SUP 6 Mile Long Race WPA- Single Points192/4Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:09:49.78
6mile WPA National Points Race215/8Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:22:21.07
Paddle to the Point Long Race132/5Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:15:14.05
Money Island: 6 Miles8612/33Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"1:22:25.00
Lina Augaitis Women’s Paddling ClinicNANAKirsten LefeldtAllNA
Foundations of Stroke with Annabel AndersonNANAKirsten LefeldtAllNA
Footwork Clinic with Candice ApplebyNANAKirsten LefeldtAllNA
Demo- 12noon -4pm SaturdayNANAKirsten LefeldtAllNA
Dr. Bob Arnot's- Sports Science clinicNANAKirsten LefeldtAllNA
Demo- 9am- 12noon on SundayNANAKirsten LefeldtAllNA
SATURDAY SUP Masters Long Race WPA Double Points325/7Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:33:07.90
SUNDAY Black Point Burner Sunday Endurance WPA -Single Points293/3Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"03:23:49.33
6 Mile WPA Race223/5Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:23:51.19
Recreational Race (3 mi)81/2Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"00:48:59.65
6mile WPA Points Race264/4Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"01:53:42.20
ShortRace (3-4miles)242/10Kirsten LefeldtSUP 12'6"00:45:04.84

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