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TitleDave's EntriesLocationDate
8th Midwest SUP Masters Race & Lap the Lake FundraiserView EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/08/2017
Chicago SUP Lagoonapalooza 2017View Entries2341 N Cannon Dr, Chicago, IL 6061408/05/2017
Washburn Board Across the BayView EntriesWashburn, WI07/21/2017
EOS Surf River RaceView Entries820 Indiana Avenue, Sheboygan, WI06/17/2017
7th Annual Midwest SUP Masters RaceView EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/09/2016
Chicago SUP LagoonapaloozaView Entries2341 N Cannon Dr, Chicago, IL 6061408/28/2016
Browns Lake SUP 2016View EntriesTuckwell Park, Browns Lake, WI07/09/2016
EOS SUP n Surf Challenge 2016 WPA National Points RaceView EntriesElkhart Lake, WI06/19/2016
2016 IcebreakerView Entries454 Lake Street, Fontana-on-Geneva Lake, WI06/11/2016
2nd Annual Place of the Gathering Paddlers SUP RaceView EntriesLakeshore State Park, North Harbor Drive, Milwaukee, WI05/21/2016
2nd Annual Bootie Dancer SUP RaceView EntriesSt Johns Dr, Delafield, WI04/30/2016
6th Annual Midwest SUP MastersView EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/12/2015
Skyline SUP Series 2015View EntriesLincoln Park, Chicago, IL08/29/2015
Standup Paddle People Battle 2015View Entries1 Lake Front Drive, Zion, IL08/22/2015
Lake Max Challenge 2015View Entries819 E Lake Shore Dr, Culver, IN 4651106/26/2015
EOS SUP n Surf Challenge 2015View EntriesElkhart Lake, WI06/21/2015
Place of the Gathering PaddlersView EntriesLakeshore State Park, North Harbor Drive, Milwaukee, WI06/14/2015
1st Annual Bootie Dancer SUP RaceView Entries1000 Geneese St, Delafield, WI04/18/2015
5th Annual Midwest SUP Masters View EntriesLake Geneva, WI09/06/2014
Standup Paddle People BattleView Entries1 Lake Front Drive, Zion, IL08/23/2014
Watermans Paddle for Humanity MinneapolisView EntriesNorth Beach, Minneapolis, MN08/02/2014
Midwest Stand Up Paddle FestivalView Entries401 S Brittingham Pl, Madison, WI 5371507/12/2014
Skyline SUP SeriesView Entries1600 N Lake Shore Drive West, Chicago, IL07/21/2013
4th Annual Midwest SUP MasterView EntriesLake Geneva, WI07/06/2013
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Sponsor Shane Perrin for 24 hour paddleNANADave SchultzAllNA
SUP Masters Long Race WPA- Single Points106/17Dave SchultzSUP Stock 1401:26:10.88
6 Mile Elite Race 61/2Dave SchultzSUP 14'01:07:43.25
14 Mile Course64/10Dave SchultzSUP 14'02:47:42.89
14 Mile CourseNANADave SchultzSUP 14'NA
6mile WPA Points Race82/2Dave SchultzSUP 14'01:30:00.05
SUP Masters Long Race WPA- Single Points194/5Dave SchultzSUP Stock 1401:18:55.62
Black Point Burner Sunday Endurance WPA sanctioned194/4Dave SchultzSUP Stock 1402:25:23.77
6 Mile Elite Race 41/5Dave SchultzSUP 14'01:11:37.05
Browns Lake SUP 6 Mile Long Race WPA- Single Points111/2Dave SchultzSUP Stock 1401:02:23.85
6mile WPA National Points Race154/4Dave SchultzSUP 14'01:16:51.45
Paddle to the Point Long Race102/2Dave SchultzSUP Stock 1401:13:51.05
Bootie Dancer Long Course33/12Dave SchultzAll01:08:35.98
SUNDAY Black Point Burner Sunday Endurance WPA -Single Points182/3Dave SchultzSUP 12'6"02:42:19.72
SATURDAY SUP Masters Long Race WPA Double Points204/4Dave SchultzSUP 12'6"01:21:16.88
Elite Race (6 mi)134/5Dave SchultzSUP 12'6"01:24:35.86
Elite153/4Dave SchultzSUP 12'6"01:21:51.82
6mile WPA Points Race183/3Dave SchultzSUP 12'6"01:25:37.74
6.2 mile race99/10Dave SchultzSUP Unlimited01:14:26.49
Long Race63/3Dave SchultzAll00:41:19.86
Long Race224/5Dave SchultzSUP 12'6"01:19:58.61
Elite Race114/6Dave SchultzSUP 12'6"01:02:54.76
10k92/4Dave SchultzSUP 12'6"00:01:18:38
6 mi race283/4Dave SchultzSUP 12'6"01:07:21.43
Elite Long Race201/1Dave SchultzSUP 12'6"01:25:42.67

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