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TitleLhimell's EntriesLocationDate
Livin' Lush Cup 2017View Entries1648 Riverside Dr, Knoxville, TN 3791507/15/2017
Stand Up for the Hooch 2017View EntriesAtlanta, GA06/25/2017
River + Road + Rock Adventure TriathlonView EntriesCoolidge Park, River Street, Chattanooga, TN06/10/2017
Black Warrior SUP Championship 2017View Entries4409 Nicol Park Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL05/20/2017
Choo Choo ChaseView Entries5801 Old Champion Road, Chattanooga, TN 3741604/29/2017
Livin' Lush Cup: "Under the Lights" (Night Race)View Entries900 Volunteer Landing Lane, Knoxville, TN08/27/2016
Black Warrior SUP Championship 2016View Entries4409 Nicol Park Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL07/16/2016
Orange Crush Challenge 2016View EntriesNorris Dam Marina, Marina Driveway, Rocky Top TN, 37769 United States06/18/2016
Paddle at the Rock 2016View EntriesSmith Lake Park, Cullman, AL05/21/2016
Livin' Lush Cup: "Under the Lights" (Night Race) 2015View Entries900 Volunteer Landing Lane, Knoxville, TN08/22/2015
3rd Annual Toona Challenge 2015View EntriesDallas Landing Park, Allatoona Drive, Acworth, GA08/09/2015
Orange Crush ChallengeView EntriesNorris Lake, TN06/13/2015
Paddle at the Rock 2015View EntriesSmith Lake Park, Cullman, AL05/30/2015
ChattaJack 31View Entries200 River Street, Chattanooga, TN10/25/2014
2nd Annual River RoxView EntriesRoss's Landing Park, Riverfront Parkway, Chattanooga, TN10/12/2014
2nd Annual Toona ChallengeView EntriesDallas Landing Park, Allatoona Drive, Acworth, GA08/10/2014
2nd Annual Livin' Lush CupView EntriesLenoir City Park, Lenoir City, TN07/19/2014
Paddle at the RockView EntriesSilverock Cove, Crane Hill, AL06/21/2014
3rd Annual Stand Up for the HoochView EntriesAtlanta, GA05/17/2014
The Dig DowntownView EntriesRoss's Landing Park, Riverfront Parkway, Chattanooga, TN05/10/2014
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6 Mile SUP Course151/3Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:27:49.84
6 MILE226/7Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:11:49.41
6 Mile Course 183/5Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"1:13:22
8 MILE233/6Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:22:29.84
5 Mile Course132/6Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:03:18.55
6 Mile Course 71/5Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:13:28
Long Course 7 Mile101/3Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:25:58.25
6 Mile Race134/10Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:21:40.42
5 Mile Course72/3Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"00:57:39.85
Long Course 7 Mile82/3Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:21:33.00
6 Mile134/6Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:00:01.21
6 Mile Race178/13Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:19:06.75
5 Mile Course184/4Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"00:42:11.58
6 Mile Elite Race83/6Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"1:09:00
6 MILE106/8Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"01:14:11.57
The Little Dig- 4 mile21/5Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"00:45:21.41

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