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TitleEd's EntriesLocationDate
Crystal Kai Sup Cup 2018View EntriesThe Boathouse at Front Street Village, Lennoxville Road, Beaufort, NC05/18/2018
Key West Paddle Classic 2018View EntriesHiggs Beach, 1000 Atlantic Boulevard, Key West, FL04/28/2018
The Carolina Cup 2018 View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2018
Surf to Sound 2017View EntriesBlockade Runner Beach Resort, Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC11/02/2017
The West Marine Carolina Cup 2017View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2017
IndoJax Paddle to IndiaView Entries11016 NC-210, Rocky Point, NC03/25/2017
Surf to Sound 2016View EntriesBlockade Runner Beach Resort, Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC11/04/2016
The West Marine Carolina Cup 2016View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/19/2016
Surf to Sound 2015View EntriesBlockade Runner Beach Resort, Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC11/06/2015
The Colonial SUP Race 2015View EntriesEast Front Street, New Bern, NC08/15/2015
Stand Up for Autism - WPA Paddleboard Race View Entries18665 Harborside Drive, Cornelius, NC05/09/2015
Key West Paddle Classic 2015View EntriesHiggs Beach Pier, Atlantic Boulevard, Key West, FL04/30/2015
The Carolina Cup 2015View EntriesWrightsville Beach, NC04/22/2015
Surf to Sound 2014View EntriesBlockade Runner Beach Resort, Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC10/31/2014
Golden Nugget SUP RaceView Entries526 Mill Street, Mt Pleasant, SC10/11/2014
Carolina Beach SUP ChallengeView EntriesCarl Winner Drive, Carolina Beach, NC09/06/2014
The Colonial SUP RaceView EntriesEast Front Street, New Bern, NC08/16/2014
Paddle StarsView EntriesDaytona Beach, FL07/26/2014
Surf Swap ChallengeView Entries201 60th Street, Ocean City, MD06/01/2014
Stand Up for the Catawba WPA SUP Race CharlotteView Entries18665 Harborside Drive, Cornelius, NC05/09/2014
Hennesseys WPA World ChampionshipView Entries101 Montelago Blvd, Henderson, NV 8901109/21/2013
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STAND UP 12-Mile Distance Race411/2Ed PierceSUP 14'02:57:40.68
Saturday Graveyard: 12 Miles1182/4Ed PierceSUP 14' and Under3:18:47
Blockade Runner Flatwater Championship 9 miles152/3Ed PierceSUP 12'6"1:49:20
Surf to Sound 6.5 MileNANAEd PierceSUP 12'6"NA
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles1589/13Ed PierceSUP 14'03:22:38.90
Open 9 Mile SUP Race1413/17Ed PierceSUP 14'01:44:41.85
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles16311/21Ed PierceSUP 14'2:48:33.60
Surf to Sound 6.5 Mile371/3Ed PierceSUP 12'6"01:15:26.205
Long Course91/2Ed PierceSUP 12'6"01:26:12.17
Elite Race - Mens1110/15Ed PierceSUP 14'01:13:55.06
Key West Paddle Classic 12-Mile471/3Ed PierceSUP 14'02:29:05.24
Graveyard Elite: 12 Miles987/17Ed PierceSUP 14'2:38:34
Roulette 10k182/3Ed PierceSUP 14'01:13:16.00
3-Mile SUP Race22/6Ed PierceSUP 14' & Unlimited00:31:00.25
Long Course101/3Ed PierceSUP Stock 1401:19:26.20
Elite 4 Mile Obstacle Course(Tri Paddle)161/2Ed PierceSUP 14'00:45:06.82
Elite 1/2 Mile Sprint Heat 2( Tri Paddle)61/2Ed PierceSUP 14'00:03:01.38
Elite 7.5 Mile Race(Tri Paddle)171/2Ed PierceSUP 14'01:45:59.47
ELITE Tri Paddle $10,000 Race171/2Ed PierceSUP 14'2:34:07.67
Elite Race - Mens66/14Ed PierceSUP 14'01:09:33.81
Recreational Race - Kids11/5Ed PierceAll00:04:54.05
Pro Long Course 8.5 Miles112/2Ed PierceSUP Unlimited00:52:41.21
Men's Pro SUP Slalom Race (4.5 mile Final)112/2Ed PierceSUP 14'01:19:04.78

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