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TitleZibi's EntriesLocationDate
Gorge Downwind Champs 2018 - Ski, OCView EntriesHood River, OR07/16/2018
Off Da Couch Race 2017View EntriesNewport Aquatic Center Inc, Whitecliffs Drive, Newport Beach, CA10/14/2017
Ta-Hoe Nalu 2017View Entries8318 N Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, CA08/12/2017
Chicago SUP Lagoonapalooza 2017View Entries2341 N Cannon Dr, Chicago, IL 6061408/05/2017
2017 Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove Park, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA01/28/2017
SDOCC La Jolla Shores Invitational 2016View EntriesKellogg Park, La Jolla, CA11/12/2016
7th Annual Another Dam Race: ParkerView Entries675 Parker Dam Rd, Parker Dam, CA 9226711/05/2016
SUNDAYX3 PADDLE RACE SERIES & SURVIVOR BEACH 2016 View EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA09/25/2016
Sunday Sunday Sunday Race Series #2 2016View EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA08/07/2016
Big Bear PaddleFest 2016View Entries465 Bartlett Road, Big Bear Lake, CA 9231507/09/2016
Sunday Sunday Sunday Race Series #1 2016View EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA06/12/2016
NAC Hal Rosoff Classic 2016View EntriesNewport Aquatic Center Inc, Whitecliffs Drive, Newport Beach, CA02/06/2016
2016 Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove Park, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA01/23/2016
Tecolote 5000 2015View EntriesSDCKT Boathouse at the Youth Aquatic Center 1750 Fiesta Island Road, San Diego, CA12/12/2015
Becky Stuart Memorial Race 2015 - Official RegistrationView EntriesOceanside, CA 9205712/05/2015
6th Annual Turkey Paddle Potluck 2015View EntriesMission Bay, San Diego, CA11/27/2015
Sunday Sunday Sunday Race Series 11-15-15View EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA11/15/2015
Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt LifeView EntriesDoheny Beach, Dana Point, CA10/10/2015
Sunday Sunday Sunday Race Series 8-9-15View EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA08/09/2015
Sunday Sunday Sunday Race Series #1View EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA06/07/2015
Lanakila Classic 2015View EntriesSeaside Lagoon, Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, CA02/28/2015
2015 Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove Park, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA01/24/2015
2014 Tecolote 5000View EntriesSan Diego Canoe Kayak Team (SDCKT), Fiesta Island Road, San Diego, CA12/13/2014
5th Annual Turkey Paddle PotluckView EntriesMission Bay, San Diego, CA11/28/2014
SDOCC La Jolla Shores Invitational 2014View EntriesKellogg Park, La Jolla, CA11/08/2014
SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY RACESView EntriesBonita Cove Park, San Diego, CA09/28/2014
Paddleme Championships View EntriesMother's Beach, Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA03/22/2014
Dana Ocean ChallengeView EntriesDana Point, CA03/15/2014
Lanakila ClassicView Entries200 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, CA02/22/2014
2014 Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove Park, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA01/25/2014
2013 Tecolote 5000View Entries1750 Fiesta Island Road, San Diego, CA12/14/2013
SDOCC La Jolla Shores InvitationalView EntriesKellogg Park, La Jolla, CA11/09/2013
Hal Rosoff ClassicView EntriesNewport Aquatic Center Inc, 1 Whitecliffs Dr, Newport Beach, CA 9266002/09/2013
Hanohano Huki Ocean ChallengeView EntriesBonita Cove, San Diego, CA01/26/2013
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10 mile Distance Open SUP Race - Sun. Aug. 13 9am ( Includes 1 T-Shirt & Raffle Ticket)21/12Zibi WadzynskiOC-11:30:13.20
5 mile Race - Sat Aug. 12 9 am (includes 1 T-Shirt & Raffle ticket)182/36Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'00:58:23.65
6 Mile Elite Race 11/2Zibi WadzynskiSUP 12'6"01:00:02.19
Long Course304/13Zibi WadzynskiOC-101:07:03.85
Short Course651/14Zibi WadzynskiSUP 12'6"00:50:49.52
Long Course131/11Zibi WadzynskiOC-101:23:50.00
Long Course - Open Age groups171/15Zibi WadzynskiSUP 12'6"01:48:59.18
OPEN 10K (6.2 MILES) DISTANCE RACE63/11Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'01:05:23.46
Open 10K (6.2 Mile) Distance Race42/10Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'01:03:43.65
1.5K Open Technical RaceNANAZibi WadzynskiSUP 12'6"NA
Lake Permit and Quagga Mussel Inspection - one per paddlecraftNANAZibi WadzynskiAllNA
20K SUP44/17Zibi WadzynskiSUP (All)02:03:15.19
10K21/10Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'01:05:03.51
Short Course513/9Zibi WadzynskiSUP 12'6"00:39:04.13
Board Race101/7Zibi WadzynskiSUP 12'6"00:50:41.50
Short Course792/15Zibi WadzynskiSUP 12'6"00:55:18.66
Long Course603/3Marzena Wadzynska, Zibi WadzynskiOC-201:16:23.23
Long Course244/8Zibi WadzynskiOC-101:22:38.33
Short Course361/2Zibi WadzynskiSUP 12'6"00:55:19.08
8-Mile 63/4Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'01:34:07.68
8-Mile 31/2Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'01:26:11.43
8-Mile 32/4Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'01:34:51.57
Short Course Inside191/6Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'00:36:42.63
Long Course206/9Zibi WadzynskiOC-101:07:30
Short Course OutsideNANAZibi WadzynskiSUP 14'NA
Long CourseNANAMarzena Wadzynska, Zibi WadzynskiOC-2NA
Short Course634/34Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'00:55:18.60
Race #1 6000m191/1Zibi WadzynskiC100:31:20.53
Race #5 ProneNANAZibi WadzynskiProne (All)NA
Race #3 3000m41/3Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14' & Unlimited00:20:25.62
3 Mile SUP21/16Zibi WadzynskiSUP Raceboard00:25:14.54
Long CourseNANAZibi WadzynskiOC-1NA
Short Course441/4Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'00:51:10.24
Men's 5 Mile Race216/6Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'01:04:28.07
Short Course41/4Zibi WadzynskiOC-100:44:21.88
Long Course 373/4Zibi WadzynskiOC-101:23:15.68
Long Course212/4Zibi WadzynskiOC-101:28:00.85
Short Course834/41Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'00:45:04.74
Short Course643/5Zibi WadzynskiSUP 14'00:41:15.48
Long Course234/6Sam Couch, Zibi WadzynskiOC-201:08:09

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