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2017 LBTBP Pick Your Poison Five-Miler- Standup Paddle, 14' max, race boards allowed

There were 25 paddlers that finished this event, and a total of 2 different divisions.

All Mens All

Division RankAthleteOverall PlaceTime
1Ryan Oliver101:13:06.14
2Michael Jacobus201:13:54.90
3Kenny Balcerski301:16:05.58
4Guy Peterson401:18:30.10
5Steve Harvey501:22:16.39
6Kevin Kahikina601:22:28.47
7Chris Digger Atlee701:23:47.53
8Craig Blanken801:24:04.71
9Devon Kuser1001:27:39.75
10Andy Seyr1101:28:10.54
11Richard Bubnowski1201:28:40.09
12Jeff Deron1301:30:19.56
13Dylan Tiver1601:31:44.28
14Clem Gilio1701:32:35.90
15Timothy Muth1901:33:22.14
16Karl Miran2001:37:05.42
17Lawrence Goldstein2101:37:27.65
18Joseph Windt2201:38:16.60

All Womens All

Division RankAthleteOverall PlaceTime
1Carly Scallon901:25:03.54
2Kate Mcbride1401:30:26.76
3Andrea Kahikina1501:30:38.47
4Tammy Tiver1801:32:43.72
5Dawn Jacobus2301:41:14.14
6Erica West2401:43:58.79
7Christina Muth2501:44:30.11
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