2017 Southeastern Downriver Championship

On Sunday at the end of the ACA National Paddlesports Conference Join the NOC as we host the oldest whitewater race in the Southeast. Racers of all ages and boat types will race from the put-in at Wayah Road to the Founders Bridge at the NOC.  
October 22                                               Time                                             Location
Registration                                           8:30-9:30 AM                     Nantahala River Put-in
Volunteer Meeting                                      9:30 AM                             Nantahala River Put-In
Competitor Meeting                              9:45 AM                             Nantahala River Put-in
Southeasterns Downriver Classic START 10 AM                             Nantahala River Put-in 
Awards                                                    12:00 PM                             In Front of Big Wesser

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Sam Norgaard-stroich1K1 WildwaterAllGuy
Alicia Riley3K1 WildwaterAllGuy
Chris Osment7K1 WildwaterAllGuy
Terry Smith8K1 WildwaterAllGuy
Sven Hooson15K1 WildwaterAllGuy
Tom Dolle22K1 WildwaterAllGuy
Ellen Osment9K1 WildwaterAllGirl
Evy Leibfarth17K1 WildwaterAllGirl
Aaron Wadley2KayakAllGuy
Ge Wu5KayakAllGuy
Tom Womble12KayakAllGuy
Allen Mayers16KayakAllGuy
Donald Robertson18KayakAllGuy
Clay Nash21KayakAllGuy
John Pinyerd4C1AllGuy
Reid Webb10KayakAllGuy
Mark Holmberg11KayakAllGuy
Hunter Vincent14KayakAllGuy
Jonathan Savelli19KayakAllGuy
Cary Copous20KayakAllGuy
Lee Vincent13KayakAllGirl
Jeff Frazier, Andrew Frazier6K2AllMixed

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Oct 22, 2017


Topton, NC