2nd Annual Swim Around Lido Key

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Lynn Ascione1AllOpenGirl
Julie Babin2AllOpenGirl
Helena Baker3AllOpenGirl
Theresa Bidwell4AllOpenGirl
Bonnie Brown5AllOpenGirl
Gayla Chalmers6AllOpenGirl
Billie Crawford7AllOpenGirl
Jennifer Creel8AllOpenGirl
Linsey Deluca9AllOpenGirl
Sally Dykstra10AllOpenGirl
Lyn Goldsmith11AllOpenGirl
Venessa Herring12AllOpenGirl
Mavourneen Hogue13AllOpenGirl
Millie Hogue14AllOpenGirl
Elaine Howley15AllOpenGirl
Eney Jones16AllOpenGirl
Amy King17AllOpenGirl
Susan Kirk18AllOpenGirl
Kelly Kloppe19AllOpenGirl
Whitney Laverty20AllOpenGirl
Jj Leissing21AllOpenGirl
Maren Lynch22AllOpenGirl
Nicole Martin23AllOpenGirl
Libby Mckenna24AllOpenGirl
Tiffany Mcqueen25AllOpenGirl
Carlene Messinger26AllOpenGirl
Paula Miller27AllOpenGirl
Marty Munson28AllOpenGirl
Kimberly Plewa29AllOpenGirl
Eva Risztov30AllOpenGirl
Reka Rohacs31AllOpenGirl
Carrie Secor32AllOpenGirl
Janine Serell33AllOpenGirl
Megan Shuster34AllOpenGirl
Susan Stidham35AllOpenGirl
Meaghan Suhich36AllOpenGirl
Karen Vasso37AllOpenGirl
Ann Von Spiegelfeld38AllOpenGirl
Ellen Weinberg39AllOpenGirl
Niki Wilson40AllOpenGirl
Laraine Winston41AllOpenGirl
Paula Yankauskas42AllOpenGirl
Karen Zerr43AllOpenGirl
Maxwell Adams44AllOpenGuy
Ryan Ballance45AllOpenGuy
Vedad Begic46AllOpenGuy
Peter Boers47AllOpenGuy
Kirk Boylston48AllOpenGuy
David Brancamp49AllOpenGuy
Ryan Buechner50AllOpenGuy
Steve Burns51AllOpenGuy
Bart Cobb52AllOpenGuy
Rob Coltman53AllOpenGuy
Talbott Crowell54AllOpenGuy
Chris Davis55AllOpenGuy
Doug Depew56AllOpenGuy
Thomas Dougherty57AllOpenGuy
Craig Dunbar58AllOpenGuy
Gene Fober59AllOpenGuy
John Fox60AllOpenGuy
Daniel Frengel61AllOpenGuy
Mike Friedman62AllOpenGuy
Mike Geiger63AllOpenGuy
Chris Greene64AllOpenGuy
Louis Guadagno65AllOpenGuy
Les Guthrie66AllOpenGuy
Bryan Hiller67AllOpenGuy
Patrick Hopewell68AllOpenGuy
David Huszti69AllOpenGuy
Kevin Joubert70AllOpenGuy
Dan Kimball71AllOpenGuy
Thomas Krasner72AllOpenGuy
Joe Kurek73AllOpenGuy
Daniel Livingstone74AllOpenGuy
Carlos Lloreda75AllOpenGuy
Andrew Lutton76AllOpenGuy
Jerome Madigan77AllOpenGuy
Eric Marquard78AllOpenGuy
Pat Marzulli79AllOpenGuy
Heath Mccleary80AllOpenGuy
Daniel Messinger81AllOpenGuy
Sam Moreland82AllOpenGuy
Mike O'connor83AllOpenGuy
Adam Orosz84AllOpenGuy
Jay Peluso85AllOpenGuy
Clifford Pollard86AllOpenGuy
David Poorman87AllOpenGuy
Ralf Porsch88AllOpenGuy
George Raffa89AllOpenGuy
Fitzhugh Rawls90AllOpenGuy
Matt Sabo91AllOpenGuy
Bill Sawyer92AllOpenGuy
Jonathan Sbar93AllOpenGuy
Mitchel Schoenfeld94AllOpenGuy
Thomas Schwartz95AllOpenGuy
Mark Smitherman96AllOpenGuy
David Sobelman97AllOpenGuy
John Stibrany98AllOpenGuy
Jason Trieloff99AllOpenGuy
Mike Waid100AllOpenGuy
Jeff Wetzel101AllOpenGuy
Rob Wilson102AllOpenGuy
Jr Woodward103AllOpenGuy
Mark Yoder104AllOpenGuy
Adk Adventures Team105AllOpenMixed
Ami Hogfish Team106AllOpenMixed
Ami Open Water Club Team107AllOpenMixed
Ami Swimmers Team108AllOpenMixed
Beth & Julie Team109AllOpenMixed
Drunken Manatees Team110AllOpenMixed
East Coast Beach Girls Team111AllOpenMixed
Eat My Bubbles Team112AllOpenMixed
G & J Relay Team113AllOpenMixed
Happy Capers Team114AllOpenMixed
Hoski Team115AllOpenMixed
Ladies From The North! Team116AllOpenMixed
Lido Pacers Team117AllOpenMixed
Looking Up Swimmers Team118AllOpenMixed
Lucky Dawgs Team119AllOpenMixed
Lucky's Lake Crew Team120AllOpenMixed
Lucky Lake Team 1 Team121AllOpenMixed
Mr. & Mra. Dushi Team122AllOpenMixed
New Smyrna Beach Mermaids Team123AllOpenMixed
No Pressia Team124AllOpenMixed
O*h* Masters/ Team Batizy Team125AllOpenMixed
Rva Ricky & The Flash Team126AllOpenMixed
S. Tampa Sea Cucumbers Team127AllOpenMixed
Sa Blondes Team128AllOpenMixed
Ss Chihuahuas! Team129AllOpenMixed
Sarasota Mermaids Team130AllOpenMixed
Shark Bait Team131AllOpenMixed
Sharknado 2 Team132AllOpenMixed
Single White Females Team133AllOpenMixed
Team Bfd Team134AllOpenMixed
Tits Up Sugar Skulls Team135AllOpenMixed
Destin Express Team136AllOpenMixed
Cudas Team137AllOpenMixed
Flamingo House Team138AllOpenMixed
Great White Sharks Team139AllOpenMixed
Last Place Winners Team140AllOpenMixed
Me And My Girls Team141AllOpenMixed
Not The Posse Team142AllOpenMixed
Siesta Mermaids Team143AllOpenMixed
Swimming With A Porpoise Team144AllOpenMixed
Spicy Mangos Team145AllOpenMixed
Texas Tequilas Team146AllOpenMixed
Three Little Ducks Team147AllOpenMixed
Two Girls And A Guy Team148AllOpenMixed
Wtf, Where's The Finish? Team149AllOpenMixed
Storm Chicks Rule Team150AllOpenMixed

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Apr 2, 2016


Sarasota, FL