3rd Annual Baltimore Floatilla


Why have a Floatilla in Baltimore Harbor? You know the phrase "use it or lose it"? Well, it doesn't just apply to your cognitive skills, it applies to waterways like the Baltimore Harbor too. If the paddling community doesn't use the Harbor then people are going to think we don't care about water pollution and public access in Baltimore. Healthy Harbor and the Baltimore Floatilla are changing the narrative about paddling in the City. Not only is the Inner Harbor a beautiful, unique, awe-inspiring, bucket list-worthy place for a Saturday morning paddle; it's also a vibrant marine ecosystem and home to cutting edge environmental restoration projects like floating wetlands and Mr. Trash Wheel. Unfortunately, millions of gallons of sewage and other pollution flow into Baltimore's streams and Harbor every year. That's why we call on experienced paddlers to show their love for this incredible environmental and recreational resource and help us raise money for its restoration. For more information check out the FAQ, read the latest Healthy Harbor Report Card, or see real-time water quality data at http://HarborAlert.org/Required to participate in event: · Age restriction: 13-15 must share boat with parent or guardian; 16-18 parent or guardian must also participate in paddling event · Have previous paddling experience and have paddled at least five continuous miles before
  • Event: 3rd Annual Baltimore Floatilla
  • Date: 8am - 2pm, June 9th, 2018
  • Location: Canton Waterfront Park, Baltimore, MD
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Jun 9, 2018


Baltimore, MD