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45TH Parallel Paddle Festival 2017- SUP Elite 6 Mile - MIdwest Championship and DOUBLE point race

There were 27 paddlers that finished this event, and a total of 3 different divisions.

All Womens SUP 12'6"

Division RankAthleteOverall PlaceTime
1Katniss Paris1201:19:49.31
2Sam Griffin1301:21:22.00
3Kirsten Lefeldt1901:28:19.00
4Liese Pfeifer2001:28:54.00
5Bea Roxburgh2101:29:44.24
6Jill Bloemendaal2501:37:27.00
7Leslie Maclin2701:50:39.00

All Mens SUP 12'6"

Division RankAthleteOverall PlaceTime
1Karl Eugster1001:18:51.00
2Grant Hassenrik1701:27:30.00
3Ethan Morrical2201:30:34.05
4Todd Miller2301:31:13.13
5Jon Toppen2601:38:22.00

All Mens SUP 14'

Division RankAthleteOverall PlaceTime
1Ben Gareiss101:09:15.60
2Matt Hassenrik201:09:20.00
3Kevin Julka301:09:28.00
4Daniel Novak401:10:06.80
5Tristan Ferrara501:12:14.79
6Tony Paul601:12:26.84
7Chris Ferrara701:13:02.09
8Ryan Tiderington801:16:57.79
9Frank Bellisario901:18:13.83
10Chris Roxburgh1101:19:06.00
11Will Faison1401:22:50.01
12Ryan Baese1501:24:30.00
13Wes Harpham1601:26:15.00
14Tom Oconnor1801:27:33.30
15Sean Johnston2401:35:15.35
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