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B'More SUP Race Series- 2.5 Mile Race

There were 27 paddlers that finished this event, and a total of 1 different divisions.

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Division RankAthleteOverall PlaceTime
1Justin Welsh132:26:00
2Bob Ludke233:41:00
3Robert Hamilton334:11:00
4David Janiszewski434:12:00
5Christina Catrambone535:23:00
6Carl Reid636:11:00
7Ben Hoyle736:18:00
8Katie Ficca836:35:00
9Pete Wright936:56:00
10Erin Hoyle1037:18:00
11Kimberly Ayers1137:30:00
12Stephanie Rode1240:01:00
13Lyle Benson1340:23:00
14Julia Calvert1440:42:00
15Hannah Kline1541:15:00
16Emily Young1642:06:00
17Heather Murray1742:12:00
18Bobbie Jo Traut1843:01:00
19Dwan Pinamonti1943:04:00
20Tiffany Watts2043:10:00
21Jaime Kline2143:13:00
22Sara Forster2244:09:00
23Maria Kimos2344:27:00
24Ricky Blaha2446:48:00
25Robert Niquette2551:12:00
26Leslie Kirk2655:28:00
27Stacy May2759:04:00
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