Blue Planet Wet Feet Time Trials

This Wednesday we  are expecting southerly winds.  depending on conditions we may do some sprint training in the marina instead of the regular time trial course.  Meet at 5:30 pm at the boat ramp.  Coaching topic: cross training

Here is the video of last Wednesday's group downwinder to Kahala, we are planning to do downwinders more regularly when the trade winds cooperate:

When: 5:30 pm this Wednesday and every Wednesday until further notice

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This is the bay course: Portlock beach start to the blinker buoy (last channel marker), to the inside green #1 channel marker (left turn), right hand turn on the last green channel marker by the canoe hale, back toward the keyhole.  The finish is at the red #14 marker.

Turn around at the Blinker Buoy

Then we come back, hopefully catching a wave or two, paddling towards the bridge, then turn left at the green #1 buoy.

Right hand turn on the last channel marker by the boat ramp.

Then to the #14 marker in front of the keyhole, which is the finish line.  Total time trial course is about 2 miles.

Honolulu, HI 96825


Feb 18, 2015


Honolulu, HI