Cline Mann Memorial Paddleboard Race 2016

Entry Fee $25 for Online Pre-Registration ( Closes Friday at midnight) 
$35 Day of Registration 
***Under 18 race FREE-- see coupon code info on registration page


Register @ Hawaii Kai 8:00- 10:30 am - KEYHOLE!!!

Lunch, Prizes and Awards included

Questions: or
Long Course- Makapu’u to Kaimana- 17 Miles  10:00 am Start (Prone boards only)
Short Course- Hawaii Kai to Kaimana- 9 Miles 11:30 am Start (Prone + SUP )

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Adrian Dy13SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Amy Woodward14SUP UnlimitedOpen 19-39Girl
Bruno Sillac15SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Carlo Prado16SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Herbie Titcomb17SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
James Donovan18SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Jane Mckee19SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Girl
Jason Stephens20SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Jimmy Martindale21SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Kaihe Chong22SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Kiyomi Sheppard23SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Girl
Mo Freitas24SUP UnlimitedU18Guy
Patrick Broemmel25SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Riggs Napoleon26SUP Stock 14U18Guy
Robert Picayo27SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Ronnie Simpson28SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Scott Ito29SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Scott Mcphail30SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Takuji Araki31SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Terrene Black32SUP UnlimitedOpen 19-39Girl
Travis Grant33SUP UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Manny Kulukulualani38SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Heather Jeppesen39SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Girl
Ingo Rademacher44SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Renato Costa45SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Leonardo Lorang48SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Kevin Seid50SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
John Mogie52SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Natalie Tiralongo58SUP Stock 14U18Girl
Audrey Lee59SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Girl
Harry Lee60SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Toby Cracknell61SUP UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Buzzy Kerbox62SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Anders Jonsson100Prone 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Bert Charlton101Prone 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Billy Balding102Prone StockAllGuy
Chris Owens103Prone 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Colleen Tessler104Prone StockAllGirl
David Kalwick105Prone StockAllGuy
Jeff Chang106Prone StockAllGuy
Johan Loo107Prone StockAllGuy
John Hicks108Prone StockAllGuy
Karen Figueroa109Prone StockAllGirl
Michael Cheape110Prone StockAllGuy
Mike Abbott111Prone StockAllGuy
Mike Pharaon112Prone StockAllGuy
Nicholas Fox113Prone StockAllGuy
Sam Mackie114Prone StockAllGuy
Scott Shimada115Prone StockAllGuy
Matthew Stack116Prone StockAllGuy
Jhonatan Figueroa117Prone StockAllGuy
Marc Rocheleau118Prone 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Andrew Ozimec1Prone UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Blair Thorndike2Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Gregory Quinn3Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
J Mike Meyer4Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
James Akaka5Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
John Abramson6Prone UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Kai Hall7Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Mark Eugenio8Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Martha Cheng9Prone StockUnder 40 (19-39)Girl
Patrick Wong10Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Wayne Gardener11Prone UnlimitedUnder 40 (19-39)Guy
Zadoc Brown12Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Ann Marie Mizuno35Prone StockMasters 40+Girl
Ethan Siegfried36Prone StockU18Guy
Hunter Pflueger37Prone StockU18Guy
Aaron Napoleon40Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Noa Kerner41Prone StockU18Guy
Pono Auld42Prone StockU18Guy
Harrison Deisroth43Prone StockU18Guy
Riley Kawananakoa46Prone StockU18Guy
Nat Yee47Prone StockU18Guy
Kala Diaz49Prone StockU18Guy
Kauila Johann Dylan51Prone StockJunior Team Guy
Schugler Cole54Prone StockU18Guy
Francesco Forti55Prone StockU18Guy
Wiley Jack Kawaihou56Prone StockJunior Team Guy
Robert Egbert57Prone UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Long Course- Makapu’u to Kaimana- 17 Miles 

Short Course- Hawaii Kai to Kaimana- 9 Miles

Short Course- Hawaii Kai to Kaimana- 9 Miles

ALL RACERS need to check-in at Hawaii Kai to get
their number and sign a waiver the morning of the race

Stick around for the free AFTER PARTY at the
Outrigger Canoe Club: Live music, lunch, 
drink specials, prizes, awards and a post-awards
raffle with killer items!


Jul 9, 2016


Honolulu, HI