Colorado River 100 - 2016

Endurance Canoe Race on the Lower Colorado River

Competitive Class - 100 miles to Columbus

Adventure Class - 100 K (62 miles) to La Grange

Youth Class - 26 miles to Smithville

FRIDAY, September 2nd

 3 PM - 7 PM - Fisherman's Park

  • Packet Pickup 
  • Onsite Registration
  • Boat drop  

7:30 PM – 9 PM - Neighbor's Kitchen and Yard

  • Welcome Reception hosted by Bastrop County
  • Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting
  • Pre-Race Gift Drawing 

SATURDAY, September 3rd


8:00AM - Start time

2:00PM - Smithville checkpoint cut off - Competitve

3:00PM - Smithville checkpoint cut off - Adventure

4:00PM - Smithville finish line - Youth

6:00PM - Plum Park checkpoint cut off - Competitive

7:00PM - Plum Park checkpoint cut off - Adventure

10:00PM - La Grange cehckpoint cut off - Competitive

12:00AM - La Grange finish line cut off - Adventure 

6:00AM - Columbus finish line cut off - Competitive

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Michael Wooton4Unlimited SoloOpenGuy
Mark Schattenberg, Libby Geisinger9USCA C2OpenMixed
Jeremy King, Marty Guillamun12Unlimited TandemOpenGuy
Mac Mccann, Kennith Starkz13Unlimited TandemOpenGuy
Wendell Smith15Unlimited SoloOpenGuy
Cindy Brown, Sharon Pruit17USCA C2OpenGirl
Rex Stanford18Unlimited SoloOpenGuy
Jeff Dowling21Unlimited SoloOpenGuy
Jennifer Medrano, John Medrano26Unlimited TandemOpenMixed
Heather Harrison, Cecili Bugge31Unlimited TandemOpenGirl
David Kaiser32USCA C1OpenGuy
Drake White, Mark White33Unlimited TandemOpenGuy
Geoff Waters42Unlimited SoloOpenGuy
Ginsie Stauss, Joseph Geisinger43USCA C2OpenMixed
Ivan Camacho45Unlimited SoloOpenGuy
Mike Joiner46USCA C1OpenGuy
Brandon Gibson, Gary Gibson47Unlimited TandemOpenGuy
Tina Sackett, Debbie Sackett49C2 AluminumOpenGirl
Russell Gibbons, Morgann Gibbons50Unlimited TandemOpenMixed
Mark White, Drake White52Unlimited TandemOpenGuy
Cecili Bugge, Heather Harrison63Unlimited TandemOpenGirl
Robin Golden, Walter Golden2TandemOpenMixed
Greg Saturday, Jerry Cowart5TandemOpenGuy
Kenneth Lopez, Lorne Brandt7TandemOpenGuy
Jill Cowart, Michelle Brandt8TandemOpenGirl
Marcelo Borges10SoloOpenGuy
Scott Goynes, Sean Goynes11TandemOpenGuy
Peter Tupker14SoloOpenGuy
Tim Mcknight, Lena Mcknight16TandemOpenMixed
Tom Cavin19SoloOpenGuy
Bill Marth20SoloOpenGuy
Don Williams22SoloOpenGuy
Nicholas Ellis23SoloOpenGuy
Matthew Prestwood, Chris Prestwood24TandemOpenGuy
Chris Prestwood, David Prestwood, Matthew Prestwood25Team of 3OpenGuy
Caleb Williams27SoloOpenGuy
Kb Hallmark28SoloOpenGuy
Kate Tart29SoloOpenGirl
Aaron Hudson30SoloOpenGuy
Caleb Rydbeck, Matthew Mcnicoll34TandemOpenGuy
John Crowe35SoloOpenGuy
John Barnhart36SoloOpenGuy
Greg Demel37SoloOpenGuy
Bruce Bodson38SoloOpenGuy
Marcy Gallant, Amy Miller39TandemOpenGirl
Henry Mecredy40SoloOpenGuy
Stephen Mack41SoloOpenGuy
Joe Olivieri44SoloOpenGuy
Michelle Waterman48SoloOpenGirl
Douglas Crum51SoloOpenGuy
Becky Frey, Karl Frey53TandemOpenMixed
Jeffrey Davis, James Powell56TandemOpenGuy
Richard Porche57SoloOpenGuy
Les Morken58SoloOpenGuy
Rob Leef59SoloOpenGuy
Jason Cade, Jeffrey Kellington60TandemOpenGuy
Trab Seyn61SoloOpenGuy
Eugenie Ardoin, Julie Ardoin62TandemOpenGirl
Stephen Watkins64SoloOpenGuy
Doug Rhude65SoloOpenGuy
Michael Huebner, Donald Garcia66TandemOpenGuy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Sep 3, 2016


Bastrop, TX