Barrier Island Eco Tours  proudly presents the Annual Barrier Island ECOthon!

This unique event will take place on Sunday, October 28th, 2015 over Charleston’s naturally beautiful barrier islands of Capers, Dewees, Isle of Palms & Sullivans. The ECOthon is a sprint style adventure race with paddling, swimming, running & biking, and is a distinctive fundraising event. The ECOthon is designed to offer you the opportunity to be fully immersed in nature while challenging your abilities, with the additional benefit of providing compassionate support to the Charleston Tibetan Society.

Previous ECOthons have raised over $18,500 directly improving the lives of Tibetans around the world as well as assisting and inspiring many people affected by cancer thru the Lance Armstrong Foundation

Sincere thanks to ALL the participants, sponsors and volunteers who support the ECOthon!


The ECOthon is a charitable fundraising event with the proceeds benefiting the Charleston Tibetan Society. The CTS is a non-profit religious and educational organization with 501(c)(3) status. CTS was founded in 1994 with three missions: to increase the awareness of Tibet and its unique culture, to bring the major world religions together to make a more effective contribution to humanity and world peace and to raise funds, through various donations to help Tibetan refugees living in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Saturday, 10/18 
~ 5 to 7 pm ~ Packet pickup at Try Sports (Ste 102, 1903 U.S. 17, Mount Pleasant, SC‎, 843-849-9292 ‎) in Mt Pleasant’s Town Centre. They’ll have any last minute gear you might need.

~ USA Triathlon is sanctioning the ECOthon and requires your photo ID, and one of the following: a current USAT membership card, a $10 one day license or an annual membership of $39. I’ll have forms available for USAT membership. USAT requires a photo ID for ALL participants including ALL relays teams, so don’t forget your drivers license! NO PICTURE ID, NO RACE.

SUNDAY, 10/19 @ Isle of Palms Marina
~ 7:30 – 8:30 am ~ CHECK-IN & SET-UP BIKE & PADDLING DEVICE beginning at sunrise. EVERYONE must check-in so we know how many souls will be enjoying the ECOthon experience. Then setup your bike on Morgan Creek Grill’s lawn on racks provided by Holy City Coop. Finally, stage your kayak, SUP board or other self propelled floatation device near the boat ramp. For those renting from Coastal Expeditions,there will also be a kayak orientation meeting.
~ 8:30 am ~ PRErace meeting to review safety & course one more time as well as to answer any remaining questions, then start to LAUNCH kayaks, SUP boards, or other self propelled floatation device.
~ 9 am ~ START of the ECOthon
~ 11:15 am ~ Low tide
~ 12:30 pm ~ Fastest finishers with the majority finishing between 4.5 to 5.5 hours, so.
~ 1:30 – 2:30 pm ~ Most mortals 

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• Launch kayak from the Isle of Palms marina → go 3 miles on the Intracoastal waterway to South end of Dewees Island
• Run to north end of Dewees on beach → 2.2 miles
• Swim across Capers Inlet to Capers Island → 1/4 mile
• Run to the north end of Capers Island → 3.2 miles
• Turn around and retrace the same route all the way back to the Isle of Palms Marina, so…

• Run back to the South end of Capers Island → 3.2 miles
• Swim back across Capers Inlet to Dewees Island → 1/4 mile
• Run to south end of Dewees on beach → 2.2 miles
• Kayak back to the Isle of Palms Marina from Dewees → 3 miles, and finally
• Bike
 to the southern tip of Sullivans Island and return to the marina→ 18 miles or 15 miles for 2-person relay


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50 41st Avenue
Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Gear & Safety

~ KAYAK ~ If you are planning on renting a kayak from Coastal Expeditions & you haven’t contacted them yet, please call them ASAP at 843-884-7684 . They’ll have it ready for you at the start and will pick it up after, in addition to providing a PFD and whistle.

Everyone needs some unique method to identify your kayak with an effective marker to make it easier to distinguish from the many others that will be lined up on the south end of Dewees Island.

~ A Personal Floatation Device (Coast Guard Type III) is required to be worn during all paddle sections.

~ WHISTLE will be a necessity and verified by an ECOthon volunteer before entering the water for the kayak and swims, so make sure you’ve got one! Coastal Expeditions PFD’s have one attached that can be removed and replaced… I highly recommend you getting a whistle of your own to carry with you on life’s daily adventures because they could save your life or someone you know in an emergency.

~ SWIM ~ Make sure you have a whistle before entering the water and look to see where the currents are moving the swimmers to see where you should enter the water. Feel free to ask someone where to enter the water if you have any questions. Also, you’ll be responsible for keeping your shoes dry if you wish during the crossing. Fins are allowed, however they must be carried during the Dewees beach run and can be left on Capers Beach during the run on Boneyard Beach. Since safety is first, the Isle of Palms Fire Department & ECOthon volunteers will be in safety boats during the paddle and swim sections, so if you need assistance, just whistle!! Of course, if you hear someone whistling and you can be of service, please take care of your fellow ECOthoner until more help can arrive.

~ BIKE ~ Helmets must be worn properly before leaving the transition area and on the entire bike course until crossing the finish line. While biking you are required to follow ALL traffic laws and will be immediately DQ’d if found in violation. There are several stop signs and a traffic light; please follow traffic signals. The bike course is not closed, meaning it is open to traffic and there are only a couple volunteers on the course. It will be marked at turns with cones, small shark signs, OR even pink ribbon, SO I STRONGLY SUGGEST you study the course map and if needed, make small notes or a print out to take along with you on the bike.

~ CLOTHING ~ Highest recommendation is COMFORT! This varies between people, so I also recommend light and moisture wicking tops & bottoms as well as supportive footware.

~ HYDRATION ~ On Saturday, I highly recommend drinking sufficient amounts of water to achieve your proper hydration level, and recommend bringing enough of your own favorite fluid on the paddle/kayak sections as well as for the final biking section. I’ll provide water stations on the north end of Dewees Island as well as on Capers Island, and at the Marina.

~ NATURAL ELEMENTS ~ Today´s Current Forecast Last year we had great weather!  Mostly sunny skies with highs ~70 degrees with a winds ~10 mph and an ocean temp is ~70 degrees, so quite comfortable. HI tide is at 5:17 am, Sunrise is at 7:27am & low tide is at 11:15 am.


Oct 28, 2015


Isle of Palms, SC