Fall Feeder Slalom Classic

 A novice/intermediate 18 gate slalom race open to slalom and recreational paddlers. 
Race Schedule on Sunday, October 23rd:
9:30 course closed; racers' and judges' meetings
10am: first runs
11:30 am: second runs
about 1pm: awards

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Jon Nelson1K1Masters 40+Guy
Dana Mann2K1OpenGirl
Scott Mann3K1OpenGuy
David Sibley4K1Masters 40+Guy
Howard Morland5K1Masters 40+Guy
Amy Nelson6K1Masters 40+Girl
Tyler Smith7C1U18Guy
Janice Fiore8K1Masters 40+Girl
Barrett Phillips9C1OpenGirl
Wayne Lentz10C1Masters 40+Guy
Avi Patel11K1U12Guy
Robert Healy12C1U14Guy
Adam Van Grack13K1Masters 40+Guy
Alden Henrie14C1U18Guy
Ben Southworth15K1U14Guy
Vicky Tsaparas16K1Masters 40+Girl
Nathaniel Francis17C1U14Guy
Jordan Sherman18K1OpenGuy
Madeline Kimmel19K1U12Girl
Davis Jung20K1U12Guy
Coleman Christie Williams21K1U12Guy
Taylor Pittman22K1U16Guy
David Kurtz23K1U12Guy
Dennis Inman24K1U12Guy
Linda Basilicato25C1Masters 40+Girl
John Munnell26K1Masters 40+Guy
Jonathan Inman27K1U16Guy
Thierry Rosenheck28K1Masters 40+Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Oct 23, 2016


C&O Canal