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Great Russian River Race 2017- LONG Men's SUP

There were 28 paddlers that finished this event, and a total of 1 different divisions.

Open (All Ages) Mens SUP (All)

Division RankAthleteOverall PlaceTime
1John Alexiou101:16:58.66
2Pete Gauvin201:17:00.88
3John Hadley301:18:07.79
4Justin Kelly401:18:41.47
5Shawn Callahan501:19:24.20
6Patrick Alteri601:19:37.73
7Jamie Willin701:21:54.72
8Chris Medina801:22:06.72
9Fred Andersen901:22:24.59
10Dave Hook1001:23:18.88
11James Robison1101:24:13.14
12Jess Lee1201:24:33.96
13Garry Lawler1301:29:36.83
14Trevor Ganaye1401:30:28.56
15Nick Reid1501:31:45.95
16Brian Thomas1601:32:04.26
17Jeremy Thompson1701:38:00.02
18Super Dave1801:38:20.52
19Colin Bright1901:48:53.13
20Xavier Lanier2001:52:01.16
21Santiago Lombo2101:55:33.41
22Shawn Carmo2202:01:00.74
23Ric Ortega2302:02:05.11
24Gary Leong2402:11:43.94
25Tony Montero2502:13:15.83
26Otto Laszlo2602:14:26.33
27Bob Charlesworth2702:20:45.73
28Tripp Harrison2802:21:28.74
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