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Great Russian River Race 2017- SHORT Women's SUP

There were 17 paddlers that finished this event, and a total of 1 different divisions.

Open (All Ages) Womens SUP (All)

Division RankAthleteOverall PlaceTime
1Hilary Andersen100:52:10.03
2Gretchen Meier200:57:31.97
3Adrianna Baca301:04:07.35
4Sue Philip401:05:12.78
5Rebecca Turner501:06:55.09
6Arline Thomas601:07:05.75
7Sandra Ruano Larios701:07:55.15
8Angel Galvan801:08:34.29
9Juliet Clothier901:11:19.74
10Kristy Goulart1001:14:01.30
11Kimberly Pettek1101:18:51.80
12Olivia Rist1201:19:20.47
13Makenna Vierck1301:21:19.03
14Christine Rist1401:22:37.09
15Kim Cheadle1501:29:47.63
16Roxanne Alvarez1601:55:27.84
17Erica Lilja-ruiz1701:58:33.26
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