Lazy Dog Race The Reef 2014

Race is approximately a 6 miles ocean (course may vary depending on weather).  Sebago Catamarans located at the Historic Seaport District will take racers out to the start, the reef.  Racers will jump off boat with their board and we will race to Higgs Beach, Key West.  Awards will be on the beach.  Food and drink supplied by Salute Restaurant.  Transportation back to Sebago (if you left your car there) will be provided by Lazy Dog.
Sunday Sept 7th
6:30am Sebago Catamarans will leave the dock at 6:30am SHARP!! To take racers and their boards to the start, the reef!

7:30am Racers will unload at the reef.

7:45 Race starts!  Approximately 6 mile ocean race.

Finish is at Higgs Beach

There will be an option to drop off board the night before the race for those who prefer.  More to come on this.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Mike Kenna1SUP 14'40-49Guy
Chris Maceachern2SUP 12'6"50-59Guy
Theresa Paturno3SUP Surfboard40-49Girl
Sheeri Weyers4SUP Surfboard30-39Girl
Yajaira Carrasquel5SUP 12'6"30-39Girl
Camille Blatz6SUP Surfboard50-59Girl
Renee Makimaa7SUP Surfboard40-49Girl
Jamie Moger8SUP Surfboard40-49Guy
Sandy Rodriguez9SUP Surfboard40-49Girl
Heather Gaines10SUP 12'6"50-59Girl
Briana Castillo11SUP 12'6"30-39Girl
Holly Amodio12SUP Surfboard30-39Girl
Liana Pyne13SUP 12'6"30-39Girl
Patti Johnson14SUP Surfboard40-49Girl
Christina Hebert15SUP Surfboard20-29Girl
Joe Eastin16SUP Surfboard30-39Guy
Anne Walters17SUP Surfboard30-39Girl
Chip Walter18SUP 14'30-39Guy
Barbara Sage19SUP Surfboard40-49Girl
Daniela Diaz20SUP 12'6"30-39Girl
Bethany Tietz21SUP Surfboard30-39Girl
Tanyo Mitov22SUP Surfboard30-39Guy
Stefan Garvanov23SUP Surfboard20-29Guy
Beth Kilroe24SUP Surfboard50-59Girl
Maureen Kempa25SUP 12'6"40-49Girl
Elizabeth Vetter26SUP Surfboard30-39Girl
Yann Findlay27Prone (All)20-29Guy
Blake Knowles28SUP 12'6"20-29Guy
Maryann Jackowski29SUP 12'6"30-39Girl
Heather Whitehead30SUP 12'6"30-39Girl
Paul Gallagher31SUP 14'50-59Guy
Tiffany Cadzow32SUP Surfboard30-39Girl
Patricia Miller33SUP 12'6"30-39Girl
Tara Mccabe34SUP 12'6"40-49Girl
Deirdre Robbins35SUP 12'6"50-59Girl
Kyla Shoemaker36SUP Surfboard30-39Girl
Billy Kearins37SUP Surfboard30-39Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Racer and board transportation provided by Sebago Watersports.  5:30am-6:20am boards loaded.  Catamaran will leave dock at 6:30 SHARP!


Sep 7, 2014


Key West, FL