Manuel Antonio Stand Up Paddle Games 2015

Manuel Antonio Stand Up Paddle Games 2014 consist of 4 events 1. Sprint: Individual, 300m time trial. 2 Head to Head: Heats are made in which the competitors compete against each one. The winner goes to the next key and consecutively until the Final. 3. Obstacle Course: ZigZag, SeeSaw, Caminante, Roundabout. 4. Distance: 1km, 4.5km and 9km The categories are 1 Elite Race, 2 Open Recreation, 3 Junior 11-17 years, 4.Adult-child (up to age 10) in women and men. Date: 13 and December 14, 2014

Sabado 13 de diciembre 2014 

 8:00 am Clase SUP Yoga por donacion. Donation SUP Yoga

 9:00 am    Empieza registro y entrega de paquetes. Registration starts. 

 9:30 am Desayuno. Brunch.

10:30 am Clinicas SUP gratuita y práctica. Free SUP Clinics and course practice.

1:00 pm         Cierra registro de atletas y paquetes. Registration ends.

1:30 pm Almuerzo. Lunch.

3:00 pm Evento Contra Reloj. Sprint Event.

4:00 pm Evento Mano a Mano. Head to Head Event.

5:00 pm Evento Slalom Categoria Race & Open. Slalom Event Race & Open Category.

6:00 pm Cena: La Guerra de los Restaurantes! Dinner: The Battle of the Restaurants.

Domingo 14 de diciembre 2014

 8:00 am  Evento Slalom Categoria Junior & Adulto/niño. Slalom Event Junior & Adult/Child category.

10:00 am Evento Larga Distancia. Long Distance Event

12:30 pm Almuerzo y Ceremonia de Premiación. Lunch and Closing Ceremony.

1) Sprint: Individual, 300m time trial. 

2)  Head to Head: Heats are made in which the competitors compete against each one. The winner goes to the next key and consecutively until the Final. 

3) Slalom / Obstacle: Up to 12 gates and / or obstacles timed. 

4) Distance: 1km, 4.5km and 9km The categories are 1 Elite Race, 2 Open Recreation, 3 Junior 11-17 years, 4.Adult-child (up to age 10) in women and men.
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Marina Pez Vela, Quepos, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

All questions will be answered at the meeting on Saturday, December 13 or in advance by email to 


  This is a competition on SUP Board conducted under the guidelines specified herein. It is organized by H2O Adventures SA (H2O) and accordingly, these are the rules: 

Categories are 1. Race, 2.Open, 3.Junior (11-17) years in male and female 4. Adult-child (up to age 10). 

1 Terms and Conditions 

A. Date: December 13th & 14th, 2014 

The deadline to register is Friday, November 28, 2014. 

Location: Marina Pez Vela


Type of competition: Race Category for money, other categories for medals. 

Competitors should arrive at the Marina Pez Vela on Saturday December 13th, 2014.

Race Packs will be given from 9am to 1 pm. General and safety Meeting 1pm. 

Registration fees: 

Pre-registration: before November 15th, 2014 Race Category $ 40, $35 all other categories. 

Registration deadline: November 28: Race Category $50 and $ 40 for all other categories. 

Registration fee includes shirts for everyone, SUP yoga class on Saturday 13th, paddling clinics, medals to the top 3 positions in each category. Race Category $ 500 dollars in cash or similar.

Late registration fee  Race:$75, other categories $ 55, until December 4, 2014. 

2 Format of competition 


Manuel Antonio Stand Up Games 2014 has 4 events: -1. Sprint (Time Trial), 2. Head to Head, 3.Slalom/Obstacles and 4. Long distance. 

b. The order of the disciplines will be: 

Saturday December 13th: Sprint, Head to Head and Slalom 

Sunday, December 14: Slalom and Distance Race 9km, Open 4.5km , Junior and Adult-child 1.5km. 

c. The start and finish will be clearly marked with a line through 2 buoys or similar. 

The race director is entitled to change the initial position due to exceptional circumstances. 

1. Sprint (Time Trial) 

a. The starting order of competition has to be raffled randomly. The clock begins to run with the signal and stops once all the board passes the finish line. 

b. The output range may not exceed 5 minutes and the duration of the event should be in a range from 1 minute to 3 minutes on average. 

c. There will not be an official training run. 

2. Head to head  

a. Competitors compete on a head to head single-elimination format. It will immediately follow the Sprint. 

b. The H2H will be held on the same leg of the sprint. 

c. The 32 competitors with the fastest time qualify for the H2H. According to the results of the competition some competitors come directly to stage two and others have to compete in the first stage in order to move forward. 

Competitors will be assign to heats according to time trial results.

d. Semifinal winners make the final A, determine the first and second positions. The 

Semifinal losers make the final B, determine the third and fourth positions. The final position of all other competitors is determined by their ranking against other competitors eliminated in the same round using his time for that round. 

e. Output Intervals will not exceed 5 minutes and the duration of a single run will be between 1 and 3 minutes on average. 

f. Competitors late to the start, lose their turn. 

g. No official training run. 

h. The jury will make the two starting positions as fair as humanly possible. 

 3. Slalom 

a. The slalom will be held at Marina Pez Vela. 

b. The slalom consists of two runs. The best time is the one taken into account for scoring. Judges can decide for only one run before the competition starts.

c. There will be 12 gates / obstacles. 

d. The minimum width of the door should be 120 cm. 

e. The course will be ready for inspection by the jury 24 hours before the first race and is subject to change by vote of the jurors. 

f. Doors / obstacles must be negotiated in numerical order. A door is "live" for penalty until the next one pass or touch. 

g. A gate is passed correctly when passing between the posts, above or below the barrier untouched. 

h. A gate is considered ON once the tip of SUP has crossed the imaginary line between the two posts. Once the door has been entered, you cannot go back or it is considered to be going the wrong way. 

i. Obstacles are considered individually, touching any obstacle carries a penalty. 

 Penalty points will be awarded as follows: 

- Falling off the SUP: 10 points at a time, per person. 

- If you touch one or both poles of a single door = 5 points 

- Missing a gate = 50 points 

- Running a door in the wrong direction = 50 points 

- Losing the gate(s) for touching gates with higher numbers = 50 points each door 

- Competitors fall into the water not crossing the finish line = 50 points 

- Going backwards through a door = 50 points 

- In the zigzag, not complete all turns = 50 points 

- Points for intentional displacement of a post = 50 points 

j. Points will be added as seconds at the end time. 

k. In the case of a tie, the slowest runs are compared. 

l. The output ranges must be within 5 minutes and the duration of a single test should be 

between 3 and 4 minutes. 

m. Competitors arriving late lose their turn. 

n. The finish line rates also. 

o. There will be no training runs in slalom event. 

p. The starting order will be in reverse order of total points above, so the top-ranked competitor will be the last participating.


4. Long Distance Competition 


a. The total duration of the competition will be between 20 and 60 minutes, 1.5 km for Junior and Adult/child categories, 4.5km Open and 9km Race Category.

b. All competitors begin at the same time. Each category will start with 30 or 60 seconds apart. 

c. The starting line will be as fair as possible for all competitors. Anyway competitors may choose their starting position in the order of the highest ranking to lowest ranking according to the total points achieved. 

d. Faster competitors start first. 

e. Competitors arriving late lose their turn. 

F. General Competition Rules 

1. Falling off the board merits a penalty, but crossing the line not being in the board will get disqualify. 

2. No intentional contact when rowing is allowed between competitors, between competitor and board or between two paddles at any stage of the competition. Time Penalty: 10 seconds. 

3. Intentional blocking is illegal. Intentional Blocking is defined as more than one change of direction in order to impede the progress of another competitor. Time Penalty: 10 seconds. 

4. In the event that a competitor can not continue due to injury, he/she will be disqualified. 

5. External help is prohibited during  the competition. The penalty is disqualification from the competition. 

6. General Safety Meeting: 

a. The first meeting will be on December 13, 2014 13:00. The event program will be provided to all competitors at the time. 

b. Subsequent meetings will be held on the day of each discipline 30 minutes before the start. 

c. Each competitor, as appropriate, will be given the exact start time. 

d. Written records will not be provided to competitors. 

e. Competitors who arrive late may not vote with the decisions taken at the meeting. 

9. determines the official time of MASUPG

10. Oars cannot touch the water until the command "Go" is given. A false start means that one or more blades touch the water before the "Go" command. 

11. The timing stops when the board passes completely imaginary finish line (extensions of the oars will not be recognized). All competitors must be on the SUP otherwise will be disqualified. 

12. A time penalty (50 seconds) will be given to any competitor making a false start. Any competitor whose false start is 3 or more seconds before the official closing time will be automatically disqualified from the discipline. The starting position vacant will not be occupied by another competitor. 

13. In case of a tie in points and time, competitors will select their starting positions with a coin. 

14. At the end of the competition, if two competitors have equal points overall, the winner of the Long Distance will be the first. 

15. Judges should be provided with a one cordoned off area. Competitors will be penalized for not leaving this area when so requested by the Judges. Penalty to the competitor shall be 50 seconds. 

16. The Jury reserves the right, and is responsible for the correction of technical errors before it starts the next discipline. 

17. If a competitor is found guilty of unsportsmanlike activities or disrespect to the judges are, the competitor will be punished. Such behavior may include, but is not limited to, foul play or unsporting behavior, violation of the event rules. The jury of the competition in the event can be informed of the occurrence of any person in writing within 24 hours of the onset believed to have brought the sport into disrepute, and shall meet as soon as possible after hearing, separately or together, the evidence in mitigation and aggravation. The penalty must be appropriate and depends on the severity of the offense and may be through any available means, including, but not limited to, zero points for that event, zero points for the entire competition, or expulsion of a competitor without refund of your registration fee paid, penalties or even banned from a number of years in H2O events. 

18. If a competitor is disqualified from a particular discipline, that competitor gets no point in the discipline. If a competitor is disqualified from the event, the competitor loses the right to compete in the remaining disciplines. 

19. If a competitor does not finish a race, does not accumulate points. 

20 Any allegation of a competitor, that a judge has favored some other competitor, which has no basis or evidence thereof, shall be punished with 50 seconds. 

G. Scoring System 

1. Competitors receive points in each discipline according to its final position. 

2. The maximum points awarded are: 

  Sprint 100 

  H2H   200 

  Slalom / Obstacles 300 

  Distance 400 

  Total 1000 

3. The points awarded to each competitor are calculated as a percentage of the maximum score available as follows: 

  1st place - 100% 2nd place - 88%, 3rd - 79% 4th place - 72% 

  The fifth through eighteenth place - less than 3% each place, place 19 to 32 - less than 2% for each site.

4. A competitor who does not start a race at all get 0 points 

5. The overall results are determined by competitors classification according to the total points earned during the competition. 


H. SUP Boards and competitors 

Competitors must bring their own board. Board rental available, please contact to book early. 

1. The Board must measure up to 12 feet, 6 inches. 

 2. The board must have a leash and a PFD when competing.


3. Each competitor is free to use its own type C1 paddle. The organization does not provide a paddle for competition and differences between the paddles are not considered important. 

J. Security during competition. 

1. Each competitor must have his/her safety gear on board throughout the event at all times in the water.  

2. It is mandatory for long distance events to wear a leash.

3. The safety director has the right to stop the competition immediately if any danger to competitors and / or officers is presented. No discipline starts without confirmation from the Director of Security. 

 4. In matters of security, the security team has the last word. All competitors and participants must follow the orders of security personnel. If a competitor is asked to stop or help with a situation, you will be given a specified signal and it must be obeyed. This signal must be notified at the General Safety meeting. Any competitor ignoring or showing contempt will be disqualified from the event. 

5. In any case, competitors participate at their own risk, neither the organizers nor the sponsors are responsible for accidents or damage that may occur during a competition. Each participant, including the staff of the organization and competitors, is bound to act in a conscious way of security at all times in order to minimize the risk of an accident or injury. 

 8. Minimal knowledge of competitors and self-rescue skills: 

- Each competitor must know how to climb up on the board by its own means. 

- Each competitor must know how float for a minimum of 5 minutes and should be aware of all the risks involved in this competition. 

9. Competitors should worry about your own board and paddle. Competitors are responsible for all your actions on the shore and in the water with respect to security. 

Violation against this rule may result in penalties and even disqualification. 

10. The Contest Director has the right to change the above stated rules when deemed necessary to improve safety, but this must be announced in advance. 

K. Protests 

1. On the Sprint, H2H and Long Distance events, race protests must be submitted to the judge within 5 minutes of the end of the event (10 minutes for H2H). In the slalom, protests must be submitted to a jury member within 15 minutes of the publication of interim results. 

2. The jury reserves the right to change the time limit for protest if they feel it is not long enough to give the competitor a fair chance to protest. The deadline must be published in the tent of the Jury for competitors to be aware of it. 

3. Protests shall be in writing turned in to any time judge or Jury Member. 

4. Protests must be heard in an isolated area in which only the jury and the competitor are cpresent. This enclosed area must have the technical means to see the video other relevant material if possible. 

5. The protest fee is $ 50 and must be paid in cash with the written protest. No money, no protest! 

6. The use of video/TV and pictures is legal. 

7. If the protest is successful the money will be refunded. 

Note: All members of the competitor should read the entire document. Write your initials (first and last name at the bottom of each page and complete the information at the end of this document.



Dec 12 to Dec 13, 2015