Monterey Bay Crossing - MBX

At the Monterey Bay Crossing (MBX), iron crews race to beat previous records. Every iron crew that sets a new course record will win a cash prize.

After a record is broken, the prize for the next year is $300. If no crew sets a record, that  prize money goes into next year's pot. 

The categories are:

• Iron Men Traditional Canoe (6-man)
• Iron Men Unlimited Canoe (6-man)
• Iron Women Traditional Canoe (6-woman)
• Iron Women Unlimited Canoe (6-woman)
• Iron Coed Traditional Canoe (At least 3 women in a 6-person crew)
• Iron Coed Unlimited Canoe (At least 3 women in a 6-person crew)

If new records are set in more than one category, the record-setting crews will split the prize money. 

The iron race will start from the beach at the Santa Cruz Harbor. (In the event of dangerous waves on the beach, the iron race will start outside of the harbor mouth, with a 5-minute handicap added to the iron crews' times.)

We have excluded 9-person crews from winning cash because we don't want to encourage anybody to try to get a faster time by doing water changes. Instead we want people to do safe, deliberate, dry changes from inflatable rafts towed behind chase boats.

Come to the MBX and test whether your crew has the strongest backs and your steerer can pick the fastest line in our history.

Race Details

Starting Point: Santa Cruz Harbor, Santa Cruz

Finishing Point: Monterey Municipal Beach, Monterey

Distance: 25 1/3 miles (22 nautical miles)

Race Formats

Iron crew fees: $60 per paddler. This includes all race-related costs, including safety boats.

Change crew fees: $45 per paddler race fee. Escort vessel fees are $50 person for everybody using a support boat, including coaches, spouses, and others riding in the escort vessel. Write to us or call at 831-345-4685 if you'd like to request an escort vessel.

Fees include: A post-race beach party with lunch and a bus ride back to Santa Cruz from Monterey.

Event Schedule

6:30 - 7:00 AM Registration open at the Santa Cruz Harbor Beach, near the east entrance to the harbor.

7:00 AM Combined meeting with escort boat captains, canoe steerers, and coaches near the registration booth

7:15 AM Pule

8:00 AM Start for all women's and coed crews (iron and change) and for all OC1, OC2, and surfski racers

8:30 AM Start for all men's crews (iron and change)

5:00 PM Board buses for return to Santa Cruz.

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Course Details
1. Start outside the mouth of the Santa Cruz Harbor

2. Paddle south/south east to Monterey Municipal Beach 

Depending on sea conditions, a spray skirt may be advisable or required.

In the event of unsafe conditions, the course may be altered on the day of the race.

Point-to-Point Logistics

Paddler Shuttle Options:

Ride back to Santa Cruz on a chartered bus. The bus ride back is included in your race fee.

Leave vehicles in Monterey and shuttle your paddlers to the race start on Saturday morning (40 miles and approximately 50 minutes driving time). 

Leave enough vehicles in Monterey to return your crew to Santa Cruz after the race.

Arrange with support drivers to drive your vehicles to the race finish on Saturday morning.

Canoe/Escort Boat and Trailer Options:

Leave your canoe on the beach in Santa Cruz, and leave your trailer and tow vehicle in Monterey on Friday night.
(But write to us first, so that we can reserve space for you on the beach with the SC Harbor Master.)

Arrange a tow driver to take your trailer to Monterey during the race so that your trailer is available at the end of the race.

Bring your canoe and trailer to Santa Cruz on Friday night or Saturday morning and arrange with another club to trailer your canoe back to Santa Cruz. 

Parking at Santa Cruz Harbor

You can park for free on the street on 5th Ave. and Lake Ave. near the Harbor Office.

Trailer-and-tow-vehicle parking in the harbor parking lot is $13.00/day.

Vehicle parking is $5.00/day inside the harbor parking lot.

Write to us so that we can reserve a trailer/tow-vehicle parking space for you with the SC Harbor Master.

Parking at Monterey Municipal Beach

From Del Monte Ave exit, turn on Figueroa Street toward the Bay at the Old Fisherman's Wharf. Take a quick right into the gravel parking lot. Use the vending machine to pre-pay for your parking. Be aware that you need to pre-pay before 9:00 AM, too. 

If you aren't able to pay for the gravel parking lot before 9:00 AM, take a left instead of a quick right on Figueora Street. Use the attendant lot at Waterfront Lot #2, between Washington Street and Wharf #2. Trailer is parking available. 

Lodging Options

Santa Cruz:
Lodging, including hotels, motels, B and B's, camping, and RV sites

Escort Boat Requirements

Every change crew must have an escort boat. 

Iron crews are not required to have a support boat. Race fees are used to offset the cost of sweep support. Every iron crew must have a compass, GPS, and marine radio.

Please bring or arrange your own escort boat, if possible.

If you would like Outrigger Santa Cruz to help you arrange an escort boat, fill out and return an Intent to Race Form by Sept. 20. Fees for an escort boat will be $50 per person, including spouses, coaches, or others making use of the support boat.

Escort vessels must:

Have a motor and be capable of traveling at a speed of at least 10 knots.

Provide adequate life jackets for ALL individuals in the vessel at all times.

Have the capacity to carry all of the paddle crew members.

Stay clear of and not impede other canoes.

Have a marine radio on board.

Conduct a radio check-in with the official escort boat and attend a mandatory 8:00 AM pre-race meeting.


Oct 3, 2015


Santa Cruz, CA