Newport Harbor SUP Classic

Start your Memorial Day Weekend off right and come join us on Newport Harbor for fun and competitive SUP race. Prizes, refreshments and entertainment will follow the race. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the day in Newport Rhode Island!

The Newport Harbor SUP Classic  is the first of five in the Aquidneck Island Outreach SUP Summer Series. Visit our website at to learn about our other races
7:30 to 8:30 - Onsite Registration
8:30 - Paddler's Meeting
9:00 - Elite Race Start for Men and Women - 6 mile loop
9:15 - Recreational Race Start for Men and Women - 3 mile loop
9:30 - Kids Start
11:00 - Awards Ceremony

PFD's are required.

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Simon Davidson1SUP 14'55 and UnderGuy
Hillary Davidson2SUP 12'6"55 and UnderGirl
Patrick Sheerin4SUP 12'6"55 and UnderGuy
Walter Mey5SUP 14'55 and UnderGuy
Tod Murphy6SUP 14'55 and UnderGuy
Tony Chapman7SUP 14'Over 55Guy
Dave Smith9SUP 14'55 and UnderGuy
Jonathan Bischof11SUP 12'6"Over 55Guy
Mark Preece14SUP 12'6"Over 55Guy
Taylor Resnick16SUP 14'55 and UnderGuy
Paul Oreilly17SUP 14'55 and UnderGuy
Jack Egan19SUP 12'6"55 and UnderGuy
Scott Nicholson24SUP 12'6"Over 55Guy
Alessandra Ghezzi25SUP 12'6"55 and UnderGirl
Andrew Kellar26SUP 12'6"55 and UnderGuy
Ginger Kellar27SUP 12'6"55 and UnderGirl
Michael Nunnery30Prone (All)55 and UnderGuy
Kim Reilly31SUP 12'6"55 and UnderGirl
Brian Fisher32SUP 12'6"55 and UnderGuy
Joe Pierik33SUP 12'6"Over 55Guy
Kyle Borsare3AllAllGirl
Deborah Fattibene8AllAllGirl
Stephanie Borges Federico12AllAllGirl
Adam Conheeny13AllAllGuy
Andrea Breyer18AllAllGirl
Paul Marshall20AllAllGuy
Charlotte Hamilton21AllAllGirl
Steve Sebolt22AllAllGuy
Devin Coit23AllAllGuy
Zulekha Ludwig28AllAllGirl
Julia Ludwig29AllAllGirl
Colin Macgillivray15AllAllAll
Walter Mey26AllAllAll

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The Elite Race will be an out and back race, approximately 6 miles long starting on the beach at Sail Newport, heading easterly in a counterclockwise direction around the harbor, head north under the Goat Island causeway, out to and around the mark, back under the causeway along the east side of Goat Island and then back to the Sail Newport beach for the finish. Depending on wind direction the course is subject to change.

The Recreational Race will be an out and back race, approximately 3 miles long starting on the Sail Newport beach, heading in a easterly, counterclockwise direction around the harbor. The 3 mile race is entirely in the harbor and will finish at the Sail Newport Beach.

The Newport Classic will be held at Sail Newport in Newport RI.
60 Fort Adams Drive, Newport RI


May 24, 2014


Newport, RI