Oscar's Back to Surfski and Kayak Basics

Who is Oscar Chalupsky? 

Oscar Chalupsky is one of the most decorated and recognisable watermen in the world. His resume spans over an incredible 36 years, with few paddlers holding a record comparable to this. His effortless technique and knowledge of the ocean has seen him achieve results some athletes can only dream of including 12-time Molokai Ocean Ski Champion, multiple winner of the Umkomaas River Marathon and Olympic representative.

Oscar’s many successes have inspired the paddlesports world and left people wondering how he does it. In a bid to answer these questions Oscar conducts surf ski clinics around the world which teach paddlers how to train, race and win using his methods and technique. With thousands of people already beneficiaries of Oscars expertise, he has left an everlasting impression on this community.

Oscar Chalupsky is larger than life, a legend, and known for his particular sense of humour; the way he is able to light up a room with his energy and passion. Oscars service to the paddlesports community has already spanned over 36 years and lucky for us, there is no signs of him slowing down and for this Oscar is a deserving nominee for the Lifetime Achievement award.

What he Covers in this Clinic?

  • I start off with giving the history and how the wing paddle works.
  • How to decide you feather angle
  • How to decide you paddle length
  • How to do land exercises 
  • How to improve balance with brace stroke
  • The forward stroke for surfski
  • Breaking down the stroke in small parts of the body, hands, elbow, shoulders, core, legs
  • How improve your technique in waist deep water.
  • How to remount in shallow water and deep water
  • Learn how to improve your balance and exercises
  • How to set up your surfski correctly 
  • Analysis of each person’s brace and forward stoke

Clinic Duration: 

2hrs 30min 


  • 30 minutes introduction and theories. Land exercises
  • 30 minutes forward stroke broken down
  • 30 minutes waist deep water drills
  • 30 minutes remount, balance and drill explanation on the water
  • 30 minutes doing the drills and the exercises on the water with you surfski’s 

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Aug 3 to Aug 5, 2018


Porto, Porto District