Paddle 4 Troops

Main Event:  Competitive/Advanced (10K) race will begin immediately after opening remarks and invocation at Sears Landing Grill & Boat Docks *1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies awarded to SUP racers only.

Competitive/Advanced Paddle (10K)  10:00am

Fun Paddle (5K) 12:00pm

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Runslo Walksalot2SUP (All)All All
Guy Davis4SUP (All)All All
Leanne Young7SUP (All)All All
David Young8SUP (All)All All
Ben Bowie9SUP (All)All All
Ryan Lundbohm15SUP (All)All All
Sarah Kwon16SUP (All)All All
Rod Clayton18SUP (All)All All
Tom Shanahan19SUP (All)All All
Susan Bickel1AllAllAll
Christina Davis3AllAllAll
Fred Bickel5AllAllAll
Liz Sadler6AllAllAll
Jannette Haudenschild10AllAllAll
Connie West11AllAllAll
Mark Haudenschild12AllAllAll
Justina Andes13AllAllAll
Margaret Medon14AllAllAll
Matt Jones17AllAllAll
Thomas Gennosa20AllAllAll
Lisa Gennosa21AllAllAll
Steve Jones22AllAllAll
Angela Kelley23AllAllAll
Desi Mcalister24AllAllAll
Penn Grose25AllAllAll
Heather Lamers26AllAllAll
Kelly Hannouche27AllAllAll
Wendy Majewski28AllAllAll
Lucinda Majewski29AllAllAll
Lisa Twomen30AllAllAll
Deanna Taylor31AllAllAll
Elisabeth Munford32AllAllAll
Karen Mason33AllAllAll
Alex Munford34AllAllAll
Michael Mason35AllAllAll
Mallory Craig36AllAllAll
Staci Sheffler37AllAllAll
Tim Schauer38AllAllAll

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Aug 27, 2016


Surf City, NC