Paddle For A Purpose Children's Harbor Lake Martin

The race will be held on May 20, 2017 at beautiful Lake Martin, Alabama.  The start/finish line will be at Children's Harbor located at 1 Our Children's Hwy, Alexander City, AL.

Race distances and board categories:

•  1 Mile – Surf Style (Male/Female)
   12’6” (Male/Female)

•  3 Mile – Surf Style (Male/Female)
   12’6” (Male/Female)

•  6 Mile – Surf Style (Male/Female)
   12’6” (Male/Female)

Registration fee will get you a shirt (first come first serve on sizes)

7:30am Day of Check In for New Regestration

8:30am Pre Race Meeting

9:00am 1 Mile Race

TBD 3 Mile Race

TBD 6 Mile Race 

TBD Awards

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Kristine Dobbs680SUP Raceboard50+Girl
Jason Farley681SUP Non-Raceboard19-49Guy
Jason Walker682SUP Non-Raceboard19-49Guy
Michael Pearson683SUP Raceboard19-49Guy
Eric Olins684SUP Raceboard50+Guy
Scott Boisjolie685SUP Raceboard50+Guy
Ken Asbell700SUP Non-Raceboard50+Guy
Jack Bartlett754SUP Raceboard19-49Guy
Curt Hawn755SUP Raceboard50+Guy
Stefan Halushka756SUP Non-Raceboard50+Guy
Bernadette Leach757SUP Raceboard50+Girl
David Leach758SUP Raceboard50+Guy
Jennifer Himburg614SUP Non-Raceboard19-49Girl
Eli Walker615SUP Non-Raceboard18 and UnderGuy
Gavin Farley624SUP Non-Raceboard18 and UnderGuy
Ashley Crawford635SUP Non-Raceboard19-49Girl
John Christenberry657SUP Non-Raceboard19-49Guy
Scott Goslin658SUP Non-Raceboard50+Guy
Karey Mckenney659SUP Non-Raceboard50+Girl
Mccay Bowdoin660SUP Non-Raceboard19-49Guy
Amy Decal661SUP Raceboard19-49Girl
Heidi Smith662SUP Raceboard19-49Girl
Finch Allen663SUP Raceboard50+Guy
Mike Payne664SUP Raceboard50+Guy
Kaitlyn Gleason665SUP Raceboard18 and UnderGirl
Jimmie Boisjolie666SUP Non-Raceboard50+Girl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


May 20, 2017


Lake Martin, Ala