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Paddle Second Chance 2017- SUP Sprint 1.0 Mile Course

There were 10 paddlers that finished this event, and a total of 1 different divisions.

Open (All Ages) All SUP (All)

Division RankAthleteOverall PlaceTime
1Nicholas Barrish100:22:56.74
2Maxine Fluharty200:27:28.41
3Julia Calvert300:28:04.81
4Kathleen Fluharty400:31:03.00
5Robin Verdery500:31:49.23
6Melissa Wagner600:32:59.70
7Shawna Kearsley700:33:42.46
8Jill Lambert800:34:06.01
9Maria Pesce900:35:27.97
10Lucille Cavan1000:35:28.29
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