Pure Water Poker Paddle

The Pure Water Poker Paddle is a fun, outdoor event for ages 21+ to celebrate paddle sports and our need for clean water. The Poker Run is open to all non-motorized paddle craft (e.g. paddle boards, kayak, canoe, hydrobike, etc.). Participants will build a poker hand by paddling to specified locations to draw cards, then returning to the start to play their hand against other participants. The event benefits the Marine Discovery Center’s Shuck and Share Oyster Recycling Project, and Coastal Conservation Association.

$25 pre-registered, $35 day of event

Includes t-shirt, 2 drink vouchers, and chance to win a paddleboard or other fabulous prizes!

Want to play but don't have your own craft? Rent a paddleboard, kayak, or hydrobike from Paddleboard NSB for a discounted rate for this event! Must pre-register and contact Paddleboard NSB at least 24 hours before the race. 


177 N Causeway, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
(386) 530-3868

Day of registration will be CASH ONLY

2pm: Registration and sign in at Outriggers Tiki Bar and Grill
3pm: Race start!
5pm: Race end! *Must be back at Outriggers by 5pm for a valid entry*

Day of registration will be CASH ONLY

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Mike Harper1KayakAllGuy
Glenn Barnhill2SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Kelly Van Vliet3KayakAllGirl
Kim Spicer4KayakAllGirl
Erika Laughlin5KayakAllGirl
Todd Hannah6AllAllGuy
Trey Hannah7AllAllGuy
Kristy Moist8KayakAllGirl
Scott Moist9KayakAllGuy
Jennifer Yeabsley10KayakAllGirl
Renee Andrus11KayakAllGirl
Lori Smith12KayakAllGirl
Laura Henry13KayakAllGirl
Steve Sherrer14SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Rachael Weightman15KayakAllGirl
Rhonda Sherrer16SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Kim Van Vliet17KayakAllGirl
Kim Massa18KayakAllGirl
Ernie Massa19KayakAllGuy
Lou Walter20KayakAllGuy
Karen Walter21KayakAllGirl
Marilyn Stanton22KayakAllGirl
Matthew Rensberry23SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Erica Leon24SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Michelle Hannah25AllAllGirl
Staci Appleton26SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Stephen Winslow27AllAllGuy
Tara Ellis28AllAllGirl
Dru Perry29SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
John Wilson30SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Linda Walker31SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Jim Perry32SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Ann Kerben33SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Lindsay Cress34SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Matthew Cress35SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Jennifer Betti36KayakAllGirl
Nicole Shuler37SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
David Betti38KayakAllGuy
Bobby Ardd39SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Mary Boyle40SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Ryan Boyle41SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Ginger Klem42SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Mark Mcdaniel43KayakAllGuy
Katlyn Borzner44SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Daniel Marlowe45SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Kelly Cory46SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Brad Cory47SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Robert Sterba48SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Maggie Sterba49SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Jenna Burton50KayakAllGirl
Cathy Evangelo51SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Bonnie Jacobs52KayakAllGirl
Bill Toth53KayakAllGuy
Carla Obannon54SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Nikki Griffin55SUP RaceboardAllGirl
Kevin Kratina56SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Michelle Gatrell57SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Stephanie Hagstrom58SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Melissa Leason59KayakAllGirl
Dennnis David60KayakAllGuy
Ilonka David61KayakAllGirl
Trisha Atchison62SUP RaceboardAllGirl
Pete Zittere63SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Nancy Heckler64KayakAllGirl
Luis J Garcia65KayakAllGuy
Debbie Siner66KayakAllGirl
Mark Siner67KayakAllGuy
Emily Jones68SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Noelle Hocking69KayakAllGirl
Sharon Hockett70KayakAllGirl
Todd Hocking71KayakAllGuy
Cherise Wintz72SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Lori Brown73SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Carey Murphy74SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Jennifer Mahoney75SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Mike Murphy76SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Jeff Gove77KayakAllGuy
Jennifee Szczepanek78SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Francine Adams79SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Scott Adams80SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Mark Ashman81KayakAllGuy
Cortney Shallow82SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Brad Shallow83SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Tracey Jones84KayakAllGirl
Alan Palermo85KayakAllGuy
Mindy Poorman86KayakAllGirl
Christopher Hall87SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Todd Hultgren88SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Rj Petrie89SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Carla Leinz90KayakAllGirl
Steve Brandt91KayakAllGuy
Stacey Lampkin92KayakAllGirl
Linda Ryan93SUP RaceboardAllGirl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Start/end: Outriggers restaurant

-Chicken Island
-Fishin' Cove Marina
-Paddleboard NSB
-MDC Boat Dock
-Marine Discovery Center

- stop by each stop to collect a poker card. Design your own route! A WILDCARD will be awarded to the first participant at each stop. 

Day of registration will be CASH ONLY

How to play

  • ·   Participants will check in at Outriggers Tiki Bar and Grille. This is the start and end point of the event.
  • ·   Paddlers are responsible for bringing their own paddle craft. Paddleboards available for rent from Paddleboard NSB. Please contact Eric at (386) 530-3868 for rental rates and reservations.
  • ·   Paddles in the water at 3:00 pm! Participants will visit each of 5 dockside locations to collect cards that will combine to create a Poker Hand, and return to Outriggers by 5:00 pm.
  • ·   Keep track of your hand on your personal scorecard, including any wild cards and bonus cards (see rules below for details).
  • ·   The participant who returns to the dock before 5:00 pm with the best poker hand recorded on his/her scorecard wins! 

Rules and Regulations

  • Participants will draw a card at 5 pre-determined locations to mark on their scorecard. Locations may be visited in any order, but only 1 card may be collected at each location. A complete hand is formed by visiting all 5 locations.
  • The first person to arrive at each location will receive a WILD CARD! There are 5 wild cards available total.
  • Bonus Cards are available at the end of the race for $20 each. Limit of two bonus cards per person. Participants must return to the dock at Outriggers by 5:00 pm and turn in their poker hand (scorecard) by 5:30 pm to be eligible to win.
  • Each participant must play a 5-card hand.  In the event of a tie, the winner is determined by time. Of the tied hands, the first that crossed the finish line (dock at Outrigger’s) is the winner.
Day of registration will be CASH ONLY


Aug 22, 2015


New Smyrna Beach, FL