Pursu.it 5 KM Race

Welcome to the first ever Pursu.it 5 km Run & Varsity Football Game. 

We are super excited about launching the first ever Pursu.it Varsity Run with Saint Mary's University. A strategic start time will allow you to run a beautiful 5 km route along Tower Road, through Point Pleasant Park, and back to Saint Mary's University where you'll finish with a lap of the track.

What do I receive with my registration you ask?

  • A great 5 km run.
  • Refreshments.
  • A chance to win awesome prizes.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are helping to both support current athletes, and a future platform being developed to provide new fundraising tools and marketing capacity to athletes and sport teams. 

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The 1st Annual Pursu.it 5 km Run

Date: November 14th, 2015
Location: Tower Road, Homburg Centre for Health and Wellness
Time: Bib pick-up starting at 10:45 a.m.
Race Start Time: 11:30 a.m. sharp. 

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Annika Pike10All18&UGirl
Colin Long37All18&UGuy
Callum Drever38All18&UGuy
Abby Lewis49All18&UGirl
Liam Swallow51All18&UGuy
Anna Negulic54All18&UGirl
Cleary Mcdougall55All18&UGuy
Melissa Keating62All18&UGirl
Ben Brown1All19-49Guy
Kaitlin Mccoombs2All19-49Girl
Kim Swallow11All19-49Girl
Danny Williams12All19-49Guy
David Sharpe18All19-49Guy
Maxine Westhead23All19-49Girl
Mike Kennedy24All19-49Guy
Julia Somody25All19-49Girl
Shawn Swallow26All19-49Guy
Greg Lummis27All19-49Guy
Ruth Boutilier28All50+Girl
Melissa Mallory29All50+Girl
Jennifer Vanderburgh30All19-49Girl
Cynthia Robertson31All50+Girl
Stanley Strug32All50+Guy
Jenelle Sobey33All19-49Girl
Daniel Maguire34All19-49Guy
Marlene Snyder35All50+Girl
Josh Coyle36All19-49Guy
Greg Murphy39All50+Guy
Julie Quinn40All19-49Girl
Carolyn Arsenault41All50+Girl
David Arnold42All50+Guy
Drew Moore43All19-49Guy
Jon Pike44All19-49Guy
Genevieve Orton45All19-49Girl
Trevor Maclean46All19-49Guy
Scott Lawson47All50+Guy
Stephen Goodyear48All19-49Guy
Elizabeth Turner50All19-49Girl
Michelle Doyle52All19-49Girl
Wendy Foote53All19-49Girl
Celia Peters56All19-49Girl
Ashley Ryer57All19-49Girl
Nicolas Takushi58All19-49Guy
Glenn Wallace59All19-49Guy
Joey Romkey60All19-49Guy
Robert Mcnutt61All19-49Guy
Spencer Macnaughton63All19-49Guy
Eddy Hage64All19-49Guy
Jeff Barsalou65All19-49Guy
Sugandha Gupta66All19-49Girl
Rachel Gorman67All19-49Girl
Kazi Ahmed68All19-49Guy
Tanya Drake69All19-49Girl
Gunil Cho70All19-49Guy
Mason Maxwell71All19-49Guy
Dan Gorman72All19-49Guy
Paul Heintzman73All50+Guy
Rachel Sovka74All19-49Girl

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      Pursu.it 5 KM Run - Course Instructions:

  • Start adjacent to the Homburg Centre for Health and Wellness on Tower Road.
  • Travel down Tower Road to Point Pleasant Park.
  • Follow the designated route in Point Pleasant Park down to the water, around the outside of the park, and back to Tower Road.
  • Race back along Tower Road to the Saint Mary's University Field. 
  • Enter the Track area, and complete the final stretch along the running track.  

Pursu.it 5 KM Run - Location:

The Homburg Centre for Health & Wellness
920 Tower Road
Halifax, NS


Nov 14, 2015


Halifax, NS