Santa Monica Pier 360: Paddleboard & SUP Races

June 23, 2018 - CLIF Santa Monica Pier 360: Paddleboard & SUP Races (and more)!

Celebrating and honoring the birthplace of Southern California's iconic beach culture through competition, awareness, and entertainment.

Pier Paddle is back - with a new name, Pier 360, and new dates, June 23rd and 24th! The 2018 event is going to be bigger, more competitive and exciting that ever. We are introducing more events on land and sea, including lifeguard competitions, King of the Beach volleyball tournament and a Red Bull skate experience on the Pier. 

The pier deck will also feature hula dancing, beer and rum garden, live music and a board & gear expo celebrating the history of paddleboarding, surf and skate.  

Join us for an all-day, family friendly celebration of decades of surf, paddleboard and lifeguard history. A portion of net proceeds goes to Surfrider and The Bay Foundation!

Pre-register early online for the best price.

1. Early Bird Pricing through 4/23
2. Price increases on 5/21
3. Additional price increase on 6/10
4. Additional price increase on Race Day

To register, select one of the Main Events: SUP & Paddleboard Long Course, ELITE Long Course, 2-Mile Fun Paddle, Juniors 500M Paddle Race, 1.2 Mile Ocean Swim & Splash N' Dash, Juniors 250M Swim or Lifeguard Dory Race. For volleyball - please go to  

Main Event Entry Fees
SUP & Paddleboard Long Course: $40 / 45 / 50 / 55 on race day
Elite Long Course: $50 / 55 / 60 / 65 on race day
2-Mile Fun Paddle: $30 / 35 / 40 / 45 on race day
1.2 Mile Ocean Swim & Splash N' Dash: $35 / 40 / 50 / 55 on race day
Youth 250M Swim: $20 / 25 / 30 / 35 on race day
Lifeguard Dory Race: $20 / 25 / 30 / 35 on race day

Add-On Events Pricing
Register online for a Main Event and you can purchase Add-On events at the below discounted prices.
Long Course - $10
2-Mile Fun Paddle - $10
Junior Paddle - $10
Tommy Bahama Paddlecross - $15
Ocean Swim - $15
Junior Swim - $10
Dory Race - $10

Race Day Registration
Racers should leave ample time to park and check in at registration a minimum of an hour before their event start time. Day of registrations should allow at least 90 minutes to park and register.

For questions, please email The Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival has a NO REFUND POLICY. 

Visit for the most updated race information. 

Saturday June 23, 2018

6:45 Race Registration opens

7:45 Hawaiian Blessing

8:00 One Mile Ocean Swim

8:15 Juniors 250m Swim

9:00 Kids Beach Events Start

9:00 King of the Beach Volleyball Starts - Co-Ed Fours

9:15 Paddleboard & SUP 5.5 Long Course and Elite Race

9:25 Paddleboard & SUP Two Mile Fun Paddle

9:30 Museum Opens

9:30 Splash ‘n’ Dash (Swim/Run)

10:00 Kids ½ Mile or 100 Yard Beach Dash

10:00 AAU Beach Volleyball Starts

12:15 Junior SUP Race

12:45 Junior Paddleboard Race

1:00 Paddle Cross Race

7:30 Beer Garden and Rum Lounge Close

Sunday June 24, 2018

6:45 Race Registration opens

8:00 Lifeguard Competitions Start

9:00 King of the Beach Volleyball Starts - Doubles

9:00 Kids Beach Events Start

9:30 Museum Opens

4:00 Museum Closes

4:00 Beer and Rum Lounge Close

Competitors: Mandatory pre-race briefings will be held on the sand 30 minutes prior to all paddleboard, SUP and swim races. You must have completed registration or check-in and be present in order to race.

This list is private.

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Visit for updated course information.

SUP & Paddleboard Long Course - 5.5 mile loop that challenges our more experienced competitors.

ELITE Long Course - Runs concurrently with the Age Group Long Course.  5.5 mile loop that is geared towards the sport's top competitors - paddles who have consistently placed in the top ten in similar races

Fun Paddle - 2 mile loop for paddlers who are less experienced or just want to enjoy a more relaxed race with a friendly vibe.

Warning: All of our races involve a beach start which means that racers will have to navigate in and out of the surf zone.  For everyone's safety, we encourage all racers to make certain that they have significant experience with launching from the beach through ocean waves.  We encourage novice and event intermediate paddlers to take one more classes with a certified instructor.

Important Reminders:

USCG (United States Coast Guard) approved PFD (personal floatation device) is required of all SUP racers to participate in the Distance Race. SUP racers will not be allowed to start with out PFD.

Elite Racing board classes:

Men Prone Distance - 12’ Stock
Men SUP Distance - 12’6”
Men Prone PaddleCross - 12’ Stock
Men SUP PaddleCross - 12’6”

Women Prone Distance - 12’ Stock
Women SUP Distance - 12’6

Women Prone PaddleCross - 12’ Stock

Women SUP PaddleCross - 12’6”

Santa Monica Pier

200 Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica, CA 90401


Jun 23 to Jun 24, 2018


Santa Monica, CA