USACK Marathon Team Trials & Chase The Pace Rec Race

2016 USACK Marathon Trials


Date: June 11th & 12th


                Start: 11000 Camp Pet-O-Se-Ga Alanson, MI (On the beach on Pickeral Lake)

            Finish: Crooked River Lodge 6845 US 31 N Alanson, Michigan 49706


June 11th

                                8:00am Open Men k-1/Junior Men k-1/Masters Men k-1

                                8:05am Open women/ Junior Women K-1/ Masters Women K-1 and C-1 classes

June 12th

                                8:00am All K-2 and C-2 classes


General Race Description:

                Men Seniors 30 km

                K1/k2 Master Men, k1/k2 Men < 23, k1/k-1Women sr, Men c1/c2= 25.6km

               K1/k2 Men Jr, K1/K2 Women <23, C1 men <23 = 21.2km

               K1/K2 Women Jr, Men Jr. C1/C2= 16.8km


Pre-Race Meeting/ Meal:  June 1oth at 6:00pm Stafford's Crooked River Lodge

Cost: $45 per for singles and $75 for doubles

Awards: Awards to be handed out to top 3 in each division


  1. Staffords Crooked River Lodge

    Reservations 866-548-0700


  2. Camp Pet-o-Se-Ga

    Campground and Park Office 11000 Camp Pet-O-Se-Ga Alanson, MI 49706 RESERVATIONS:

    (231) 347-6536

Boat Rental: Contact Steve Corlew (231) 420-2381 (note: limited number of boats available)

Contact: Steve Corlew (231) 420-2381 or


June 11th K1/C1 8:00am

June 12th K2/C2 8:00am

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Steve Corlew1K1SeniorGuy
Mike Dostal2K1SeniorGuy
Ben Pigott3K1SeniorGuy
Robert Hartman4K1SeniorGuy
Heidi Henkel5K1SeniorGirl
Greg Hintz6K1MastersGuy
Ashley Diget7K1JuniorGirl
Andre Aro8K1JuniorGuy
Emma Van Houten9K1JuniorGirl
Steve Corlew1K1SrGuy
Mike Dostal2K1SrGuy
Ben Pigott3K1SrGuy
Robert Hartman4K1SrGuy
Heidi Henkel5K1SrGirl
Greg Hintz6K1MastersGuy
Kiril Florov9K1MastersGuy
Ashley Diget7K1JrGirl
Andre Aro8K1JrGuy
Emma Van Houten9K1JrGirl
Tom Cannon10Sea KayakAllGuy
Tom Cannon11Sea KayakAllGuy
John Stover12Surfski SingleAllGuy
Wayne Stroope13Surfski SingleAllGuy
Sonrisa Reed14K1AllGirl
Sue Stroope15Surfski SingleAllGirl
Meg Hintz16Sea KayakAllGirl
Colleen Curran17Sea KayakAllGirl
Delaney Eller18SUP (All)AllGirl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Starting at camp Petosega Beach area. The race will start 100 yards off beach which will allow for a depth of 5 feet. The racers will paddle west toward first buoy approximately 1 mile from start line. The racers will turn three buoys counter clockwise and proceed south toward the next set of three buoys. Once racers turn these three buoys also counterclockwise they will head back toward the beach for their first portage. (These triangular loops are approximately 4.4km in length with a 100-150m portage following each paddling leg.

The depth of the water is more than 10 feet of depth for the majority of this loop. The portage will be a shallow water beach exit and entry back into your boat. The run will take place on sand and grass and will be marked with flags, or cones. The portage will be wide enough for at least 2 paddlers running side by side. And an aid station will be available on the outside near the middle of the portage.

Once the final small lap and portage is completed for the paddler they will proceed to the first set of buoys again, proceed past the buoys and east toward the narrow channel that connects pickerel and crooked lake. Once you get through the channel you will head north toward the crooked river lock. Paddle through the lock and enter the crooked river. Once here you have a 1 mile downstream paddle to the finish line at crooked river lodge.

One half mile downstream of the lock there is a rotating bridge that causes a narrowing of the river from 60 feet to 25 feet. This bridge is tall enough that paddlers do not have to worry about hitting paddles on it.

The finish line will be marked with two buoys on either side of the river.

Here is the address to the race start

11000 Camp Petosega Road Alanson 49706, MI


Jun 11 to Jun 12, 2016


Harbor Springs, MI