US Sup Tour Stop 3

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Tour Overview

The US SUP Tour is the joint brainchild of surfer, turned SUP surfer, Ian Cairns and Chuck Hendsch, the COO of the National Professional Paintball League, now also an avid SUP Surfer. The idea of the tour is to create a series of US events that provide a uniform platform for SUP Racers and Surfers to compete on a regular basis, both as professionals and as recreational paddlers. We all know that SUP has the potential to blow up huge, but someone has to go out and make it happen. This is our contribution to the movement.


Church Beach, in San Onofre State Park, California. Parking will be on Old PCH, accessed at the Basilone Road off-ramp from the 5 Freeway. Look for signage at the first gate on the right. The State of CA will charge a $20 daily parking fee.

You may walk to the beach from the parking lot, but the event will provide shuttles for competitors and a truck to transport boards to the Church’s site for both the Surf and Race days.

You may park at San Onofre State Beach, but beware that the beach may be closed for Marine Corps maneuvers and paddling across may not be allowed either. The best option is to park in the established event parking area.

Events: Prize Money and Entry Fees

SUP Surf

$4,000 total purse for Men's Pro and $1,000 total purse for Women's Pro. Prizes for Men's and Women's Top 4 in Open SUP Surf.

Entry Fee Men's Pro = $150.00

Entry Fee Women's Pro = $100.00

Open Surf Age Groups = $75.00 (Click on the REGISTER button) Beach Entries will be an additional $20.

Elite Technical

$4,000 total purse for Men's (Only 14' class) and $1,000 total purse for Women's (Only 12'6" class)

Entry Fee Men's Technical = $150.00

Entry Fee Women's Technical = $100.00

(Click on the REGISTER button) Beach Entries will be an additional $20.

Open Race (Age Groups)

Prizes for Overall Men's and Women's Top 3

Entry Fee for Men's and Women's = $50.00 (Click on the REGISTER button) Beach Entries will be an additional $20.


Each event is sanctioned by Surfing America and World Paddle Association

Friday, June 14:
Surfing America US Championships are being held at the Church surfbreak. USST may
have access to the race area to the north of the surfbreak for through-the-waves
clinics. More details here later.

Saturday, June 15:
Open and Elite Technical Races run completely at race location, north of Church surf
break. Note: Open SUP Race entry fee for Men and Women is now $50.00

Sunday, June 16:
SUP Surf Pro and SUP Surf Open events run completely through Finals on same day
at the Church surf break.
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Jun 14 to Jun 16, 2013


San Clemente, California