Stand up to Alzheimer's So Cal

Please join us on July 9 for the first ever paddle craft race at Lake Elsinore.  We will have a 5 mile course that starts at 8:30, a 2 mile course that starts at 9:45, and a guided nature paddle that begins at 10:00. We will have some kayaks and SUPs available for rent for those who want to try it out, but don't have their own equipment. Proceeds will go to Alzheimer's research.

Sign up by June 22 to guarantee a race t-shirt in your size. We can also only guarantee awards for divisions that have 3 or more by this date.

Please note that we will have water provided. Please bring reusable water bottles to fill at the event.
7:00 am - Registration opens
8:30 am - Long course start
9:45 am 2 mile fun paddle
10:00 Guided Nature Paddle
10:45 Raffle and Awards

Raffle Items
Lesson and Tour coupons from SupnSafari
Horseback Riding Lessons
Beginner Flight Lessons
Gift Basket from Seathletes

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Mendi Kessler43AllAllAll
Paul Gagnon1SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Guy
Ron Adelhelm3SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Kristin Thomas712'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Will Kay1112'6 SUP & Under18-49Guy
Dale Marnati15SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Milo Hama16SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Sean Arnold19SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Maggie Adams2512'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Larry Froley27SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Jeff Karaman28SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Heidi Stone3012'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Rob Blagg34SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Guy
Andy Purmort3712'6 SUP & Under50+Guy
Jordan Mckee39SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Guy
Greg Gagnon4212'6 SUP & Under18-49Guy
Harold Goodman51SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Guy
Kathy Lynch5212'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
David Hansch53SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Richard Kenworthy5412'6 SUP & Under50+Guy
Paul Pianowski56SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Guy
John Bland58SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Jerry Newey6012'6 SUP & Under18-49Guy
Kathy Smith61SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Girl
Kurt Benson62SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Brett Van Diest6412'6 SUP & Under18-49Guy
Jen Van Diest6512'6 SUP & Under18-49Girl
John Gabriel66SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Guy
Eric Purmort6712'6 SUP & Under18-49Guy
Cameron Trickey73SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Veronica Wold7512'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Stanley Leventhal2Kayak50+Guy
Tami Ramsey412'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Veronica Davidson512'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Sara Gerber612'6 SUP & Under18-49Girl
Saul Hoefler912'6 SUP & Under18-49Guy
Tsuyoshi Tamura1012'6 SUP & Under18-49Guy
Danny Gacad1312'6 SUP & Under50+Guy
James Yanoschik17SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Brenda Yanoschik1812'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Jody Lawlor2012'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Dale Adama22Prone (All)50+Guy
Sosy Markanian-robinson2412'6 SUP & Under18-49Girl
Tracy Kristensen2612'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Claudia Romero31Kayak18-49Girl
Wendy Trout3212'6 SUP & Under18-49Girl
Mirian Herrera3312'6 SUP & Under18-49Girl
Alana Blagg3512'6 SUP & Under18-49Girl
Julie Strickland3612'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Rochelle Williams3812'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Daniel Landin4412'6 SUP & Under18-49Guy
Dolores Ordas4812'6 SUP & Under50+Girl
Suzanna Howell5512'6 SUP & Under50+Guy
Hope Alvarez5712'6 SUP & Under18-49Girl
Stefanie Graves5912'6 SUP & Under18-49Girl
Shonna Litton Brown70SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Girl
Ed Castro7212'6 SUP & Under50+Guy
Tucker Trickey7412'6 SUP & Under17UGuy
Steve Howell7612'6 SUP & Under50+Guy
Tevita Moce8OC-1AllGuy
Dale Adama22Surfski SingleAllGuy
Daniel Sutton23Surfski SingleAllGuy
Jeremy Jones29Surfski SingleAllGuy
Stanley Leventhal2KayakAllGuy
Meredith Kadlac21KayakAllGirl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

We will be at La Laguna ready for participants at 7:00 am. Feel free to come early and keep us company.


Jul 9, 2017


Lake Elsinore, CA