Welcome to PaddleGuru! The paddling community is incredibly important to us and has played a major role in our life experiences. For our team it has allowed us to travel all over the world to meet and experience amazing people and adventure, all the while pushing our bodies to achieve something that we never expected to be possible. For each of us it has been a 15 year affair starting when we were young paddling with our local club, building a bond with the water and our community. We were then motivated by the need to improve, the need to excel and this became a vehicle for us to be adventurous and to see the world in a way we never thought possible. It has since led us to compete, travel and experience everything from long distance channel crossings in Hawaii to World Championships and Olympic Games. Through these experiences we have created relationships all over the world in places you would never expect, in an intimate way truly immersing ourselves in the culture.

Our goal from the beginning was to give back in way that would allow our sport to grow to a level similar to the big mainstream sports in the US. At the most basic level this goal was to inspire a community that has inspired us. We hope that one day PaddleGuru can become a tool to help achieve this dream. We hope you enjoy the site!

- David Petrovics, Tim Hornsby, Sam Ritchie