101 Surf Sports Winter Paddle Racing Series SR5

Online Registration is closed. We do have a few spots left for onsite registration. 
101 Surf Sports Winter Paddle Race! Racing action in SUP, Prone, Outrigger, Surfski, Kayak, and SUP. Event is limited to 101 entrants no exceptions. We need to cap the participation for safety reasons so register online or risk losing out. Rent a raceboard for the race for only $30.
8-9 am Registration
9:30 am Skippers Meeting
10 am Start
12 pm lunch served
1 pm awards

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Kai Leon2Surfski Singleunder 18Guy
Susan Starbird5Surfski Single56+Girl
Arline Thomas7SUP 12'6"56+Girl
Lynne Robertson9SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Cathy Stauffer13SUP Under 12'6"56+Girl
Thomas Sixsmith14SUP 14'18-55Guy
Lori Klumb22SUP 12'6"56+Girl
Alexander Alvarez33SUP Under 12'6"under 18Guy
Kate Andersen38OC-118-55Girl
Dave Hook42SUP Under 12'6"56+Guy
Cathy Huang45SUP 12'6"56+Girl
Bob Cooper49Sea Kayak56+Guy
Jess Rossman52SUP 14'18-55Girl
Sara Bostjancic58SUP 14'18-55Girl
Andriana Marino63SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Patrick Alteri64SUP 12'6"18-55Guy
Treston Vorac65SUP 14'18-55Guy
Juliet Starrett66SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Georgia Starrett, Kelly Starrett67OC-218-55Guy
Kurt Feeter72SUP Under 12'6"56+Guy
Brenna Raugewitz77SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Filippo Viola79SUP 14'18-55Guy
Madeleine King84SUP Under 12'6"56+Girl
James Robison87SUP Under 12'6"18-55Guy
Stephanie Robison88SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Maggie Robison89SUP Under 12'6"under 18Girl
Josie Robison90SUP Under 12'6"under 18Girl
Olivia Robison91SUP Under 12'6"under 18Girl
Kelli Robertson92SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Philip Majumdar93Surfski Singleunder 18Guy
Erin Mackenzie94SUP 14'18-55Girl
David Wells, Costello Raugewitz96Sea Kayak Doubleunder 18Guy
Kim Charlesworth1SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Kasen Taylor3Surfski Singleunder 18Guy
Cary Fergus4OC-156+Guy
Misha Riszkiewicz6Surfski Single56+Guy
Dylan Anacleto-black8Surfski Singleunder 18Guy
Jay Wild10OC-118-55Guy
Zachary Alva11Surfski Single18-55Guy
Petri Alva12Surfski Singleunder 18Guy
Robin Gandolfi15OC-118-55Girl
Jamie Willin16SUP 14'56+Guy
Tim Bollish17SUP 12'6"18-55Guy
Kathleen Nolan18SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Jeff Patrick19OC-118-55Guy
Renee Hoyer-nielsen20OC-156+Girl
Stephen Pugh21SUP 14'56+Guy
Mike Staninec23Surfski Single56+Guy
George Marshall24OC-118-55Girl
Barry Mckeown25OC-156+Guy
Shawn Callahan26SUP 14'18-55Guy
John Dye27Surfski Single56+Guy
Sunny Blende28SUP 12'6"56+Girl
Nancy Bell29SUP 12'6"56+Girl
Amy Byers, Elaine Baden30Surfski Double18-55Girl
Geoff James31OC-118-55Guy
Daniel Alvarez32SUP 14'18-55Guy
Jessica Fewless34SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Vincent Fallourd35SUP 12'6"18-55Guy
Jeffrey Sweetbaum36SUP 14'56+Guy
Garry Lawler37SUP 14'56+Guy
Elliot Barlas39Surfski Single18-55Guy
Kate Carpenter40SUP 14'56+Girl
Richard Carpenter41SUP Under 12'6"56+Guy
Jonathan Slusher43OC-118-55Guy
Vincent Huang44SUP 14'56+Guy
Kenny Howell46Surfski Single56+Guy
Fred Andersen, Hilary Andersen47OC-218-55Guy
Jonathan Gray48Surfski Single56+Guy
Charles Auchterlonie50Surfski Single56+Guy
Sara Yost51Surfski Single56+Girl
Brian Williams53SUP 14'18-55Guy
Bruce Ahlbom54SUP 14'56+Guy
Shannon Hartnett55OC-118-55Girl
Geoffrey Sears56Surfski Single56+Guy
Bojan Bernard57SUP 14'18-55Guy
Michael O'donnell59Surfski Single56+Guy
Carter Johnson60Surfski Single18-55Guy
Stef Gerstbacher61OC-118-55Girl
Derry Woodhouse62SUP 14'56+Guy
Jeffrey Martin, Mike Staninec68Surfski Double18-55Guy
Paul Macintyre69Surfski Single56+Guy
Jeff Kay70Prone 14'18-55Guy
Carey Peabody71SUP 12'6"56+Girl
Maria Peterson73OC-156+Girl
Grant Mcfadyen74OC-118-55Guy
Shanna Upton75SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Jon Herr76SUP 14'18-55Guy
Chad Raugewitz78SUP 14'18-55Guy
Mike Crimmins80OC-156+Guy
Phil Tresenrider81SUP 14'56+Guy
Christopher Farris82Surfski Single56+Guy
Janet Walp83SUP 12'6"56+Girl
Devina Horstmann85SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Amanda Kahn-kirby86SUP 12'6"18-55Girl
Jasper Caddell95Surfski Singleunder 18Guy
Mark Craig97Surfski Single18-55Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

2 Mile Short Course stays in the canal. Perfect for first time racers.
6 Mile Around the Marin Islands
115 Third St. San Rafael California. Drop your gear in the parking lot and then park across the street at the San Rafael High School.


Feb 3, 2018


San Rafael, CA