1st Annual Bootie Dancer SUP Race

The name of the race is provocative, but innocent when you consider that we recommend booties for this race.  We anticipate water temps as low as 40f, and remain hopeful for much warmer water. 

The Bootie Dancer is CWO Adventure’s first SUP race designed for simplicity.  We provide a course, safety plan, and timing.  The will be no prizes and only a brief recognition ceremony.  The cost is $20/person.

Our current plan, subject to change to change based on possible ice conditions, is to meet at Clear Water Outdoor in Delafield, WI.  Participants should drop off boards at St. John’s Park, get registration picked up over at store, then we can walk over to the St. John’s Park.  At the park, we will gather for safety talk at 9:35, then slowly put in our craft and gather on water for start around 9:45.

Registration 8:00 – 9:30am, water start at 10:00am, awards around noon, and then we charge into town for food and beverages!



***Leashes and pfds (lifejacket) will be required.  Register at Paddlguru.


Race is either 3.1 miles for Short Race or 6.2 miles for Long Race.

8:30-9:30am registration open
9:35 safety talk
10am race starts.

  Need a board for either event: contact sblay@cwoadventure.com for inquiry

8:00-9:30am registration open
9:35 safety talk
10am race starts.

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Becky Striet1All18-49Girl
Stuart Morton2All50+Guy
Kristy Leinweber3All18-49Girl
Ann Esarco7All50+Girl
Thomas Jeanpierre8All50+Guy
Jim Brooke9All50+Guy
Kelly Lofy10All18-49Guy
Chris Lueders11All18-49Guy
Mary Fitzpatrick12All50+Girl
Halla Pinkerton15All17UGirl
Bill Cook17All18-49Guy
Ellery Winghart18All18-49Girl
Lauren Brunner24All18-49Girl
Karl Eugster4All50+Guy
Kenny Lambrecht5All50+Guy
Deb Klapperich6All18-49Girl
Elizabeth Schluter13All50+Girl
Chris Pinkerton14All18-49Guy
Dave Schultz16All50+Guy
John Huenink19All18-49Guy
Sarah Weyenberg20All18-49Girl
Erin Keenan21All18-49Guy
Jeff Schnelle22All50+Guy
Sarah Schuster23All18-49Girl

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Apr 18, 2015


Delafield, WI