2015 Cline Mann Memorial Paddleboard Race

Entry Fee $25 for Online Pre-Registration ( Closes Friday, July 17th at midnight) 
$35 Day of Registration 
***Under 18 race FREE-- see coupon code info on registration page


Register @ Hawaii Kai 8:00- 10:30 am - Hui Nalu side of Parking lot. 

Lunch, Prizes and Awards included

Questions:  occpaddleboard@gmail.com or www.outriggercanoeclub.com
Long Course- Makapu’u to Kaimana- 17 Miles  10:00 am Start (Prone boards only)
Short Course- Hawaii Kai to Kaimana- 9 Miles 11:30 am Start (Prone + SUP )

Pre-Cline Mann Junior Race- OCC Beach Triangle- Start TBD

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Jane Mckee3SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Girl
Sean Slentz4SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Eiichi Kubo5SUP Under 12'6"Masters 40+Guy
Jeremy Blakespear7SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Adrian Dy8SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Christian Bradley9SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Amy Woodward10SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Girl
Herbie Titcomb13SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Fyodor Lake14SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Jimmy Martindale15SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
James Donovan18SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Travis Grant25SUP UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Kerstin Ouellet27SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Girl
Sven Wesley28SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Cory Nakamura29SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Beau Oliveira30SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Terrene Black32SUP UnlimitedOpen 19-39Girl
Scott Mcphail33SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Noa Ginella35SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Will Anido36SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Manny Kulukulualani38SUP UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Annabel Anderson39SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Girl
Marj Takabayashi40SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Girl
Takuji Araki41SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Jeff Chang44SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Jamie Mitchell49SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Ehiku Rademacher52SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Girl
Kai Binney53SUP Stock 14U18Guy
Philip Binney54SUP UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Cristy Kelso55SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Girl
Chris Huerbsch56SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Juan David Garcia57SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Jan Tillmann59SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Riggs Napoleon61SUP Stock 14U18Guy
Dean Ichimuru63SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Jimmy Fitt66SUP UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Matt Carreras68SUP Stock 14Masters 40+Guy
Colleen Tessler2Prone StockUnder 40 (19-39)Girl
Blair Thorndike6Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Mike Abbott11Prone UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Peter Jensen16Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Mick Di Betta17Prone UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Karen Figueroa19Prone StockMasters 40+Girl
Cam Delahunty20Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Matt Delahunty21Prone StockU18Guy
Duncan Corbett22Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Martha Cheng23Prone StockUnder 40 (19-39)Girl
John Abramson24Prone UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Patrick Wong26Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Scott Shimada31Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Jhonatan Figueroa34Prone StockUnder 40 (19-39)Guy
Chris Owens37Prone UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Kamuela Aea42Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Fletcher Davies43Prone StockUnder 40 (19-39)Guy
Sean Ginella45Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Gregory Quinn46Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Andrew Ozimec47Prone UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Mark Eugenio48Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Chelsey Flanagan50Prone StockUnder 40 (19-39)Girl
David Dipilato51Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Nat Yee58Prone StockU18Guy
Bill Taylor60Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Aaron Napoleon62Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Guy Pere64Prone UnlimitedMasters 40+Guy
Mike Takahashi65Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Clark Abbey67Prone StockMasters 40+Guy
Marc Rocheleau69Prone StockUnder 40 (19-39)Guy
Hunter Pflueger70Prone StockJunior Team Guy
Ismael Garcia71Prone StockUnder 40 (19-39)Guy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Long Course- Makapu’u to Kaimana- 17 Miles 

Short Course- Hawaii Kai to Kaimana- 9 Miles

Short Course- Hawaii Kai to Kaimana- 9 Miles

ALL RACERS need to check-in at Hawaii Kai to get
their number and sign a waiver the morning of the race

Stick around for the free AFTER PARTY at the
Outrigger Canoe Club: Live music, lunch, 
drink specials, prizes, awards and a post-awards
raffle with killer items!


Jul 18, 2015


Honolulu, HI