2015 Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge

UPDATE - June 4, 2015

Registration is closed.  However, there are a few available canoes for the mixed race.  Crews interested in racing mixed should contact libertyregistration@newyorkoutrigger.org 

UPDATE - May 29, 2015

There are only a few tent spaces left.  Teams wishing to have a tent onsite (whether rented or their own) will be confirmed via email.   

UPDATE - March 25, 2015 

All available canoes have been assigned.  All teams wishing to race who will need a canoe must email libertyregistration@newyorkoutrigger.org before registering your crew.  Boat requests should only be made through New York Outrigger.  

Boat Loans – Initial Request Deadline March 15.

For crews that are requesting a boat loan, see important details below regarding the initial boat request deadline of March 15.  


Click here to go to the official Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge website!


Registration (payment and waivers) are due by Sunday May 31, 10PM EDT. However, please see below for the deadlines applicable to teams borrowing canoes.  All teams must pre-register! Registration fee is 480 USD per crew. 


Important March 15, 2015 deadline for teams borrowing canoes.  Teams that complete registration and provide payment of registration fees prior to Saturday March 15, midnight EDT will be given first consideration for boat loans.  Any boat loan request for teams that complete registration and provide payment of registration fees after March 15 will be considered on a rolling basis.  For additional questions regarding boat loans, please contact us at libertyregistration@newyorkoutrigger.org.


Cancellation fees.  A 20% cancellation fee will be assessed for all registrations cancelled before Sunday May 31, 10PM EDT.  A 100% cancellation fee will be assessed for all registrations cancelled after Sunday May 31.  


Mandatory racer packet pickup and captain’s safety meeting will be held on Friday June 19, time TBD.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

NorCal Paddlers: Nor Cal Women's5OC6Masters 40+Girl
San Francisco Outrigger Canoe Club: Team SFOCC11OC6OpenGirl
Port Stephens Outrigger Canoe club: East Coast Aussie girls12OC6Masters 40+Girl
Sydney Outrigger Canoe Club Inc: Wahine Waka Ama - Australia14OC6OpenGirl
Napili Canoe Club: Maui Jamz15OC6OpenGirl
Newport Aquatic Center: Ladies Light Up Lady Liberty17OC6Masters 40+Girl
Outrigger Santa Cruz: Outrigger Santa Cruz19OC6Masters 40+Girl
Matero : Matero Master 20OC6Masters 40+Girl
Team Bradley: Team Bradley22OC6OpenGirl
Taniwha New Zealand: Tigers27OC6OpenGirl
Hong Kong: Hong Kong Phoenix32OC6Masters 40+Girl
Koa Kai: Koa Kai Sydney34OC6Masters 40+Girl
Lae'ula O Kai: Miso Phat Maui35OC6Masters 40+Girl
Ka Māmalahoe : TBD36OC6OpenGirl
Ka Mamalahoe Canoe Club: Master's Wahine38OC6Masters 40+Girl
Singapore Paddle Club: SPC Chickens42OC6UnlimitedGirl
Aka:we: Aka:we Women's Outrigger Crew45OC6OpenGirl
PDBA: Team PaFla49OC6Masters 40+Girl
Wai Nui O Kanaka: Wai Nui Wahines54OC6UnlimitedGirl
Washington Canoe Club: WCC Open Women56OC6OpenGirl
Washington Canoe Club: WCC Masters Women57OC6Masters 40+Girl
Manuiwa/Nyack Outrigger Canoe Clubs: Nyack Manuiwa Collaborative67OC6Masters 40+Girl
POCC: POCC Wahine68OC6OpenGirl
New York Outrigger: NYO Wahines70OC6UnlimitedGirl
Keaukaha: Keaukaha2OC6OpenGuy
NorCal Paddlers: NorCal Paddlers-Men's7OC6Masters 40+Guy
Samu team Brazil: SAMU 10OC6OpenGuy
Outrigger Chicago Canoe Club: Outrigger Chicago Men16OC6Masters 40+Guy
Charleston Paddle Club: Southern Tsunami21OC6OpenGuy
Taniwha New Zealand: Grizzlies Black26OC6Masters 40+Guy
Taniwha New Zealand: Grizzlies Gold28OC6Masters 40+Guy
New City Club: Renewal by Anderson & Laird Team29OC6OpenGuy
PDBA : PDBA Masters37OC6Masters 40+Guy
New Auxas: New Auxas41OC6OpenGuy
Singapore Paddle Club: SPC A43OC6OpenGuy
Kaua'i Wa'a: Kaua'i Wa'a Kane47OC6OpenGuy
Newport Aquatic Center: Newport Aquatic Center50OC6UnlimitedGuy
Manu'wa: Manu'iwa Men's Masters51OC6Masters 40+Guy
Independence PDBA: Independence52OC6OpenGuy
Kamanu: Kamanu53OC6UnlimitedGuy
New York Outrigger: Team 21255OC6OpenGuy
manuiwa: manuiwa60OC6OpenGuy
Washington Canoe Club: Men's Unlimited61OC6OpenGuy
Washington Canoe Club: WCC Open62OC6OpenGuy
Team Primo: Team Primo66OC6UnlimitedGuy
Boston Outrigger Racing Association: BORA Men69OC6UnlimitedGuy
Parihaka Waka Ama Club: Parihaka Time Travellers3OC6Masters 40+Mixed
Parihaka Waka Ama Inc: The Sightseers4OC6Masters 40+Mixed
Rikkole Cree Canoe Club : Mixed 16OC6OpenMixed
Rikkole Cree Canoe Club: Mixed 2 8OC6OpenMixed
Rikkole Cree Canoe Club: Mixed 39OC6OpenMixed
East Meets West: East Meets West23OC6Masters 40+Mixed
kana Lui Miami Outrigger Canoe Club: Kana Luis Hoo24OC6OpenMixed
Toronto sailing and canoe club: B Right Back up25OC6OpenMixed
Ka Mōʻī Canoe Club: NYC Crew30OC6OpenMixed
Kana Lui Miami Outrigger Club: Kana Lui Miami Chee31OC6Masters 40+Mixed
Wai Nui O Kanaka: Wai Nui 133OC6UnlimitedMixed
Matero: Matero Mixed40OC6OpenMixed
Singapore Paddle Club: SPC Mixed44OC6OpenMixed
Kauai Ohana Mix Plate: Kauai Ohana Mix Plate46OC6UnlimitedMixed
Brooklyn Va'a: Brooklyn Va'a Mixed48OC6UnlimitedMixed
Washington Canoe Club: WCC Mixed 158OC6OpenMixed
Washington Canoe Club: WCC Mixed 259OC6OpenMixed
NCA: NCA - A63OC6OpenMixed
NCA: NCA - A64OC6OpenMixed
Kahakai: Mixed Plate65OC6Masters 40+Mixed
New York Outrigger: Team 91771OC6OpenMixed
POCC: worldwide random72OC6OpenMixed

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Jun 20, 2015


New York, NY