2015 Kayak Trader Challenge

Kayak Trader aims to introduce and expand the sport of flat water kayaking to people all around the country. We hope that by providing a platform based on the common interest of paddling, we will be able to reach countless paddlers looking to explore the waters of the United States through canoeing and kayaking.

  • The Kayak Trader Challenge is part of the Southeast Paddle Sport Championship Series
  • There will be prizes awarded to each category 3 places deep.
  • Registration will start at 8:00 am at the Tower Side of the Venue
  • Registration Closes at 9:30 AM day of.
  • Races will begin at 10:00 AM
  • Bar B Que will begin at  12:00PM
  • Awards will begin at 1:00 PM

Race Categories

Race categories are based primarily on the sound rowers system of length and width ratio which is a very equitable method of grouping paddlers by boat type. You can learn more here and even look up your own make and model to find your category.

High Performance Kayaks/Open class – This is almost all 18+ ft long kayaks (depending on width) plus some shorter boats like ICF K1′s and wildwater kayaks.

Fast Sea Kayak class – Too long or too narrow (or both) to fit into sea kayak class.  Too short or too wide for HPK.

Sea Kayak class – Starting at 14.1 feet in length up to approx. 16-17.5 ft in length depending on width.

Rec class - This is anything at 14 ft or less in length, period.  No width data is needed.

Masters age group – Anyone 50 or over

SUP – Paddleboarders are classified by open or masters, no board lengths for series points.  (Individual events may classify by board length at their discretion.)

Tandem – Any tandem canoe, kayak, or outrigger.

U19 - We have added an under 19 age bracket for Kayak, Canoe, K2 and C2 for male and female. This category is not part of the Southeast Paddle Sport Championship Series. 

  • Registration will start at 8:00 am at the Tower Side of the Venue
  • Registration Closes at 9:30 AM day of.
  • Races will begin at 10:00 AM
  • Bar B Que will begin at  12:00PM
  • Awards will begin at 1:00 PM

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Lynn Marie King139RecreationalMastersGirl
Barbara Brown140SUP (All)OpenGirl
Trish Hipgrave142High Performance KayakOpenGirl
Derek Miller143RecreationalMastersGuy
Steve Rayburn144Sea KayakMastersGuy
Kevan Richardson155Fast Sea KayakMastersGuy
Mark Poole157Fast Sea KayakMastersGuy
Vern Simpson158Sea KayakMastersGuy
Mark Kammer162Fast Sea KayakMastersGuy
Kellie Phillips, Swanny Evans167TandemOpenMixed
Scott Surles172High Performance KayakMastersGuy
James Chaffin174Fast Sea KayakMastersGuy
Leslie Brass176High Performance KayakMastersGirl
Dana Richardson141High Performance KayakOpenGirl
Todd Hyatt145Sea KayakMastersGuy
Cheryl Smith146High Performance KayakMastersGirl
Kata Dismukes147High Performance KayakOpenGirl
Carl Moore148High Performance KayakMastersGuy
Mitchell Cohen149High Performance KayakMastersGuy
Philip Render150Sea KayakMastersGuy
Lindsey O'shea151Fast Sea KayakOpenGirl
Anne Kelly152Sea KayakMastersGirl
Mack Kelly153Sea KayakOpenGuy
Fred Williams154Sea KayakMastersGuy
Rick Baker156High Performance KayakMastersGuy
Robert Osborn159Fast Sea KayakMastersGuy
Joe Vinson160High Performance KayakMastersGuy
Karen Vinson161High Performance KayakMastersGirl
Scott Maher163Fast Sea KayakMastersGuy
Margaret Baxley164Fast Sea KayakOpenGirl
Waylon Willis165High Performance KayakOpenGuy
Xavier Comelli168High Performance KayakOpenGuy
Carl Fuller169Sea KayakOpenGuy
John Mitchell170High Performance KayakMastersGuy
Rick Carter171High Performance KayakMastersGuy
James Coleman175KayakU19Guy
Madeline Cole166KayakU19Girl
Andrew Sarles173KayakU19Girl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Course Maps

Kayak Trader Challenge Race Courses

Photo of the start/finish tower from the water. A "No Wake" buoy is in the foreground.
Competitors will start on the finish line of the 1996 Olympic Race Course on Lake Lanier.

  • The 5k racers will race around Gilligan’s island and then up the Olympic Course about 2k, turn around a buoy and finish at the Finish Tower.
  • The 10k competitors will start the same but will continue up the race course for over 4 kilometers, turn around and finish at the finish tower.
  • Awards will given 3 deep.
  • There will be 1 Hot Spot about 3k into the race worth $100 Cash!

5K Race Course

 Map of the 5K course for the Kayak Trader Challenge

10K Race Course

Map of the 10K course for the Kayak Trader Challenge

Location and Directions

From Atlanta take I-85 north to I-985.

Go to Exit 24 and follow the rowing and canoe/kayak center signs to the venue.

At the end of the ramp, turn left (west) onto Jesse Jewell Parkway and go 0.6 mile.

Turn right at the third traffic light onto the Limestone Parkway and go 1.6 miles.

Turn right at the third traffic light onto Clarks Bridge Road and go 1.8 miles.

The venue is located just over Clarks Bridge. Parking and the course is on the right.


Apr 25, 2015


Gainesville, GA