2015 Uncle Richie Paddle for Breast Cancer

The 7th Annual Uncle Richie Paddle is the only WPA sanctioned race in NYC! Paddle out to the tip of Breezy Point in the elite 8 mile race or participate in the recreational 3 mile race. While you're at it, bring your kids out for a 1 mile fun paddle. Award ceremony & afterparty with music & raffles will end off this amazing event which will support breast cancer this year!

The elite 8 mile is a sanctioned WPA non points race

7:00 am Check In 
8:30 am Pre Race Meeting
9:00 am Elite 8 mile Race 
9:30 am Recreational 3 mile Race
12:00 pm Kids 1 mile Paddle (begins after all paddlers complete previous races) 

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Andrew Dima1SUP Stock 1418-49Guy
Julieta Gismondi2SUP Stock 1418-49Girl
Jm Kostallas4SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Chris Rubacha5SUP Stock 1418-49Guy
Jay Freedhand6SUP Stock 1418-49Guy
Gary Guerriero7SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Dennis O'kane8SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Tom O'neil9Prone (All)18-49Guy
Louanne Harris10SUP Stock 1418-49Girl
Dennis Farrell12SUP Unlimited50+Guy
Daniel Kane3SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Becky King21SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Victor Locke22SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Ricardo Barco23SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Paul Kadish24SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Kristin Ward25SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Randy Crisp26SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Charles Turbak27SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Catherine Sullivan28SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Richard Flanders29SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Sarah Fearon30SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Alisha Flanders31SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Jack Lipiec32SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Donna Ward33SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Kenneth Whelan34SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Sean Heeran35SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Deidre Roberts36SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Linda Humphrey37SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Emily O'kane38SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Lindsey Calder39SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Douglas Calder40SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
George O'neill41SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
John Roberts42SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
John Mcnamee43SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Jennifer Hung44SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Mark Aiken45SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Fred Neinast46SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Christopher Banker47SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Pat Ward48SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Devin Ward49SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
George Johnson50SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Mark Anaya51SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Amy Dima80SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Kailey Aiken93All17UGirl
Christina Banker94All17UGirl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The Cove @ The Rockaway Point Yacht Club
169 State Road
Breezy Point, NY 11697

Directions By Car:

Take the Belt Parkway to Exit 11S (Flatbush Avenue South). Continue on Flatbush Avenue to the Marine Parkway Bridge. Drive in the right lane over the bridge, take the Breezy Point exit located at the foot of the bridge. Merge onto Rockaway Point Blvd/State Rd. Continue straight for 1.4 miles. Turn right onto State Road. (The road before the Breezy Point toll booth). 


Jul 18, 2015


Queens, NY