2016 NCA Monumental Outrigger Canoe Race

Aloha! Welcome to the NCA Monumental Outrigger Canoe Race! This is an OC-6 race open to women's, men's, and mixed teams. 

Women's race: 12 miles
Men's race: 12 miles
Mixed race: 9 miles

Race captains, please register for the races that your club will be participating in (men's, women's and/or mixed). We greatly appreciate you registering in advance so we have a headcount for lunch and race swag. Registration for paddlers is $360/boat and includes a Hawaiian luau lunch buffet and race swag. Luau lunch for non-paddlers is $25 (under extra items for sale). For non-ACA member paddlers, add $5 to your registration fee (under extra items for sale). 

Registration deadline: June 11th, 2016. 

Contact Su Chuen (suchuenfoo@gmail.com) or Chia Tan (chiaxiang@gmailcom) if you have any questions.


5:30 am Boathouse Opens 

6:15 am Registration Begins, breakfast provided 

6:45 amAll boats rigged, buoys set, chase boats ready 

6:55 am Race Captain’s Meeting 

7:10 am Hawaiian Prayer 

7:20 am Women's boats in the water 

7:30 am Women’s Start – 12 miles 

9:45 am Men’s Start – 12 miles 

11:45 am Mixed Start – 9 miles 

1:00 pm Luau Opens 

2:00 pm Opening Remarks, Awards Ceremony 

3:30 pm Closing Remarks

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Russell Brooks7OC6Open 19-39Girl
Elise Rumpf10OC6Open 19-39Girl
Shelley Ulu11OC6Open 19-39Girl
Tera Pinn13OC6Masters 40+Girl
Natasha Quiroga14OC6Open 19-39Girl
Megan Coll15OC6Open 19-39Girl
Emilia Rastrick16OC6Open 19-39Girl
Sharon Goodall19OC6Open 19-39Girl
Brian Meyer4OC6Open 19-39Guy
William Chang5OC6Open 19-39Guy
Russell Brooks8OC6Open 19-39Guy
Bella Honu12OC6Open 19-39Guy
Troy Pham18OC6Masters 40+Guy
Danielle Boisvert1AllOpen 19-39Mixed
David Winter2AllMasters 40+Mixed
Frank Mcclain3AllMasters 40+Mixed
Monica Gomez6AllOpen 19-39Mixed
Susan Skinner9AllOpen 19-39Mixed
Annette Ramos17AllOpen 19-39Mixed

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Jun 18, 2016


Washington, DC