24th Annual Cow Patty Pageant

Estero Americano, Valley Ford, CA. Protected and flat water fun on the beautiful and serene Estero Americano. 11 and 5 mile courses: family / novice, intermediate and competitive classes. Bovine outfitting costume competition. Proceeds benefit the Sonoma Land Trust and Valley Ford Volunteer Fire Department. Spread the word, join the herd!
7:00 am – 7:15 am  Volunteers arrive
Check-in / Prizes / Meeting
7:30 am – 8:30 am  Check-in at start / finish area
8:45 am  Pageant awards
9:00 am  Mandatory safety meeting at start / finish area
Race Starts
9:20 am  Family / novice class start (short course)
9:40 am  Intermediate class start (long and short course)
10:00 am  Competitive class start (long course)
11:15 am  All paddlers return to start / finish line (mandatory turn around time)
Post race
noon – 1:30 pm  Snacks, social time and clean up
noon – ? After-race picnic at Duckworth Farm

Note: This year there will not be an awards ceremony or dinner. We are looking into options for future events. There will be snacks at the start and finish, and now Duckworth Farms has graciously offered their property for an after-race picnic. There'll be side dishes provided. There is a grill you can use, so BYOG (bring your own grillable). Although there will be no awards, per se, there will be a udderly awesome collectible provided with your time. 

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Craig Caddell1Surfski SingleAllGuy
Cory Lancaster2Surfski SingleAllGuy
Paul Macintyre3Surfski SingleAllGuy
Tim Stylianapoupalopolous4Sea KayakAllGuy
Robin Graham5Surfski SingleAllGuy
Carter Johnson, Sara Kennedy6Surfski DoubleAllGuy
Toby Cooper7Surfski SingleAllGuy
Pete Gauvin8SUP (All)AllGuy
Zachary Alva, Misha Riszkiewicz9Surfski DoubleAllGuy
Kenny Howell10Surfski SingleAllGuy
John Green, Dan Vimercati11Surfski DoubleAllGuy
Kurt Mau12SUP (All)AllGuy
Dave Jensen13SUP (All)AllGuy
Jon Harman44Sea KayakAllGuy
Ann Grove, Wayne Kocher50OC-2AllMixed
Chris Ogilvie51Sea KayakAllGuy
Steve Sorensen52Surfski SingleAllGuy
Tyson Hadley54Surfski SingleAllGuy
Marsha Arnold56Surfski SingleAllGirl
Cary Fergus57OC-1AllGuy
Amy Byers58Surfski SingleAllGirl
Geoffrey Sears59Surfski SingleAllGuy
Stef Gerstbacher, Maria Peterson61OC-2AllGirl
Emily Matthews62SUP (All)AllGirl
Alec Bennett63Surfski SingleAllGuy
Jim Vais64Kayak Sit on Top (1)AllGuy
Krista Fechner65Sea KayakAllGirl
Nathan Moody67Sea KayakAllGuy
Dennis Holton68Sea KayakAllMixed
Mark Craig69Surfski SingleAllGuy
Amy Treadwell70OC-1AllGirl
Joe Niec, Penny Wells71Sea Kayak DoubleAllMixed
Craig Funai72Surfski SingleAllGuy
Christopher Farris, Matthew Mccaa53Sea Kayak DoubleAllGuy
Eoin O'donoghue73Sea KayakAllGuy
Mike Mccoy74Sea KayakAllGuy
Susan Pearson100SUP (All)AllGirl
Hugh Macmillan101Surfski SingleAllGuy
Chloe Madden104Surfski SingleAllGirl
Maureen Farrell200SUP (All)AllGirl
Chris Kreutzer201K1AllGuy
Roxanne Morgan202OC-1AllGirl
Tom Biglione, Sophie Matthews203TandemAllMixed
Todd Bowers, Grant Bowers204TandemAllGuy
Colleen Crouch206SUP (All)AllGirl
Lisa Roa208Sea KayakAllGirl
Helen Sexton209Sea KayakAllGirl
Rori Mcdaniel55K117UGirl
Grant Bowers66Canoe17UGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The race stars 1 mile south of Valley Ford, Ca. on the Estero at the intersection of Valley Ford Estero Road and Marsh Road. Short Course racers will proceed 1/2 way out the Estero round a buoy and return. Long course racers will proceed to the beach (The mouth of the Estero / Pacific Ocean.)  The whole course is very protected, but can be windy. Dress for cool February coastal weather.

It is impossible to get lost on the Estero. It is possible to become temporarily way laid due to the wandering nature of the Estero. The prudent paddler will carefully observe the landmarks, meanderings and features of the Estero as they go west, thus making return trip navigation straight forward. Note that all lands bordering the Estero are private. Please stay on the Estero, and respect landowners property.  
Take 101 to Petaluma, California, about 35 miles North of San Francisco, 80 miles West of Sacramento, 16 miles South of Santa Rosa. Exit on Washington Street, head west thru town. In 1.4 miles bear right onto Bodega Avenue. Proceed approximately 8 miles west to the intersection of Tomales Road and Valley Ford Road. Bear right onto Valley Ford Road. Do not turn left to the USCG training center, stay right. Proceed about 12 miles to Valley Ford. Turn left onto Valley Ford Estero Road just past Dinucchi’s restaurant. Turn right then left to stay on Valley Ford Estero Road. Continue onto Valley Ford Franklin School Road. Turn left onto Marsh Rd, parking is on one side of Marsh Road only.


Feb 28, 2016


Valley Ford, CA