2nd Annual LBI Paddle Classic

Elite 5 Mile Race - 14' SUP, 12'6" SUP, Open SUP, Unlimited Prone, Tandem
2 Mile SUP Fun Race - If it floats, you can paddle it
Registration opens at 5:00pm
5 Mile Race starts at 6:15pm
2 Mile Race starts at 6:15pm

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Johnny Ryan9Prone (All)50+Guy
Adam Barker12Open18-49Guy
Lisa Braunwell16Open18-49Girl
Jackie Sikkema19SUP 14'18-49Girl
Ron Panetta21Open50+Guy
Mike Dancha22Open18-49Guy
Dawn Landi24Open18-49Girl
Sophie Clymer28SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Jon Coen30Open18-49Guy
Tim Healey31Open18-49Guy
Gabrielle Sacco32Open18-49Girl
Joell Lanfrank34Open18-49Girl
Andrew Healey36Open17UGuy
Rob Mitstifer38Open18-49Guy
Danella Lasinski39Open18-49Girl
Jean Daniels40Open50+Girl
Michelle Dempsey41Open18-49Girl
Kristina Folkart42Open18-49Girl
Ricky Hunt45Open18-49Guy
Colleen Panetta93Open50+Girl
Ryan Todd, Tara Coen94SUP Unl. (2 Person)18-49Mixed
Colleen Dancha96Open50+Girl
Lizzie Sikkema97SUP 14'18-49Girl
Kyle Gronostajski4Prone (All)18-49Guy
Greg Errion8SUP 14'18-49Guy
Drew Aromando10SUP 14'18-49Guy
Robin Delgado13SUP 14'18-49Guy
Kenny Balcerski15SUP 14'18-49Guy
Kevin Kahikina20Open50+Guy
Mark Temme23SUP 14'18-49Guy
Chris Durbin25Prone (All)17UGuy
Jeff Deron26SUP 14'18-49Guy
Josette Lata27SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Kelly Delgado, Tracy Delgado33SUP Unl. (2 Person)18-49Mixed
Alejandro Delgado35SUP 14'18-49Guy
Jonny Skolnick37Prone (All)18-49Guy
Robin Delgane43SUP 14'18-49Girl
Ryan Olivei, Jacki Olivei46SUP Unl. (2 Person)18-49Mixed
Eric Anastasi91Prone (All)18-49Guy
Allie Panetta92Open18-49Girl
Kim Muldoon95Prone (All)18-49Girl
Claire Condie98SUP 14'18-49Girl
Dan Duffy99Prone (All)18-49Guy
Andrea Kahikina110Open18-49Girl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Jul 20, 2014


Long Beach Township, NJ