4th Annual Black Warrior SUP Championship

4th Annual Black Warrior SUP Championship on Lake Nicol in Tuscaloosa Alabama hosted by Smith Lake Paddle Boards. The 6 mile course and 3 mile course will be part of the Southern Stoke Paddle Series. Race proceeds to benefit The National MS Society. Everyone who registers will be entered to win a YOLO 12'  Inflatable SUP. Big thanks to YOLO for all the support. New this year is an open division for Unlimited SUP and any non SUP paddle craft. 


The 6 Mile Race will award trophies for 1st - 3rd place in 
Men's 14', 
Men's 12'6
Women's 12'6, 
Women's 14'
Men's Open ( this includes any single person paddle craft )
Women's Open ( this includes any single person paddle craft )

The 3 Mile Race will award trophies for 1st - 3rd in
Men's 14'
Men's 12'6" 
Men's rec/surf 12' and under
Women's 14'
Women's 12'6" 
Women's rec/surf 12' and under. 

*** UPDATE. There will be a relay race immediately following the races Sign up for the relay will be on race day and it's free. We will do a drawing to create the teams with an effort to balance the number of Men and Women on each team. Teams will be 2-5 racers depending on how many we have sign up. Course will be short, around a 1/4 mile. All teams will be using rec boards provided by Tuscaloosa Paddle Boards. Big thanks to Butch Gregory for all the help. Oh yeah, Cash prizes for the 1st and 2nd place teams 

If you need a board for the 3 mile please email or call us. First come first serve. 

Looking for a place to camp? Deer Lick Creek is just a few minutes from Lake Nicol. 

for more details email info@smithlakepaddlebaords.com or call Tommy at 256-736-3002

4409 Nicol Park Rd Tuscaloosa, AL, 
7:00 - 9:00 AM  race day check in and registration. If at all possible please register online before race day.
Please arrive early. 
9:15 am pre race meeting
9:30 AM 6 mile, 3 mile will have a staggered start. 
Optional Relay after the race
Awards and lunch 

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Butch Gregory2SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Kim Hillhouse4SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
Trevor Motz6SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
June Mizoguchi9SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Tom Watson10SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Peter Shimpeno12SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Ingrid Moran13SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
Len Yarbrough14SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Pete Fitzstevens16All other typesOpen (All Ages)Guy
Jonathan Dickerson20SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Larry Hill21SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Hal Turner24SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Frank Dreiling28SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Ted Nelson32SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Ryan Fullerton34SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Korey Montgomery35SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
Charles Westrip37All other typesOpen (All Ages)Guy
John Batson41SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Brendan Sweetman42SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Scott Boyte45All other typesOpen (All Ages)Guy
Ben Friberg46SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Eric Bednorz47SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Jacob Crox51SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Reid Nelson53SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Paige Spiller57SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
Norbert Nebucz58SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Payden Adams59SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Jessie Fincher1SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Ashlee Harnedy3SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Mitch Cherry5SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Kelli Brown7SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Kate Cost8SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Richard Crawford11SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Melissa Newell15SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Jack Fitzstevens17SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Joy Riddle18SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
Jayson Woods19SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Carol Hill22SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Daniel Buckhannan23SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Marc Taylor25SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Susie Poindexter26SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Genesis Lee27SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Andrea Hirst29SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Jeremy Just30SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
Todd Logan31SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Marisa Deschenes33SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Sara Kaylor36SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Lynn Duble38SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
Emmye Cherry39SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
Randy Latner40SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Lindsey Smith43SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Megan Smith44SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Lynne Watson48SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Adam Aderholt49SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Benny Smyth50SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
Tatum Buckhannan52SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Hannah Fullerton54SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
Angie Nicolletta55SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Carrie Bregar56SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
Emily Leiter60SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
Jordan Hardwick61SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

When following GPS continue down the hill past the point on the map to enter the park.


May 19, 2018


Tuscaloosa, AL