52nd Annual Kern River Whitewater Festival, 2017

Come on out and have FUN. PRE-REGISTRATION ENDS THURSDAY, 04/20/17 AT 6 PM.This is a fundraising event so help us raise money at the 52nd annual Kern River Festival.  Sponsored by the Kern Valley River Council, a non-profit. Proceeds from this event benefits the Kern River Whitewater Park. Two fun days of paddling including the Brush Creek Extreme race, a triathlon, downriver races, slalom races, and a Mini Me raft race. For more information visit our website : www.kernfestival.com


Please see the Kern River Festival Map for more information.

Friday, April 21

Riverside Park
Event Set Up -Volunteers Requested
Riverside Park
Registration begins when tent & tables are set up.
Powerhouse KR3 Put-in
Downriver Fun Race to Town - All boat types.

Saturday, April 22

Riverside Park
River Kern Beach Parking Lot, 2.5 miles north of Kernville
Wild & Scenic Triathlon Meeting with bikes & boats
Siphon Rd. across from Headquarters Campground
Brush Creek Registration
Brush Creek Racer's Meeting
Riverside Park
Slalom Course Practice
Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Hyside Mini-Me Head-to-Head Race Meeting - Race follows
Riverside Park
Head-to-Head Races (Round 2)
Riverside Park
Fund Raising BBQ Dinner with KRBC Beer, soft Drinks, etc. Live Band. Awards for all events completed.
Riverside Park

Sunday, April 23

No Registration!

PowerHouse Put-in
SUP/Kayak Downriver Meeting
PowerHouse Put-in
Riverside Park
Slalom Judging & Timing Meeting
Riverside Park
TJ Slalom Boater's & SUP's Meeting
Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Drawing for Raffle awards
Riverside Park
After last race - Slalom & Downriver Awards
Riverside Park
Break down course, tents, tables etc. Volunteers requested!!


Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Matyas Hilgert13SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Lindsey Bennett20SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Chris Koerner22SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Rebecca Giddens25SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Eric Giddens26SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Daniel Menten40C1Open (All Ages)Mixed
Matt Robertson45C1Open (All Ages)Mixed
Andrew Webberley1K1Masters 40-59Guy
Gilbert Siegel4K1Seniors 60+Guy
Sebastian Palluk11K1ExpertGuy
Michael Long12K1Masters 40-59Guy
Tanner Tito14K1Junior 15-17Guy
Shaun Smith16K1ExpertGuy
Mike Vest17K1IntermediateGuy
Sandy Pritchett19K1Seniors 60+Girl
Lindsey Bennett20K1Adults 18-39Girl
Morty Testerman21K1Seniors 60+Guy
Keely Harwich23K1Adults 18-39Girl
Ron Hunter24K1Masters 40-59Guy
Rebecca Giddens25K1ExpertGirl
Eric Giddens26K1Expert EliteGuy
Doug Smith28K1Adults 18-39Guy
Allison Diller30SUP (All)Masters 40-59Girl
Sasha Izmailov33K1Adults 18-39Guy
Emily Jackson34K1ExpertGirl
Toby Roessingh36K1Expert EliteGuy
Keith Kishiyama37K1ExpertGuy
Grant Gardner38K1Adults 18-39Guy
Lynn Siodmak39K1Masters 40-59Girl
Daniel Menten40K1ExpertGuy
Thomas Cormack41K1Seniors 60+Guy
Elaine Campbell42K1ExpertGirl
Nicholas Troutman47K1Expert EliteGuy
Richard Bertilson, Kristina Bertilson, Brenda Lemos2Team of 3 RecreationalAllMixed
Jennie Steele, Charles Steele, Jennie Steele35Team of 3 CompetitiveAllMixed
Gilbert Siegel4RecreationalAllGuy
Joshua Miller10RecreationalAllGuy
Jeff Pence15RecreationalAllGuy
Mike Vest17RecreationalAllGuy
Lindsey Bennett20CompetitiveAllGirl
Keely Harwich23RecreationalAllGirl
Ron Hunter24RecreationalAllGuy
Rebecca Giddens25CompetitiveAllGirl
Eric Giddens26CompetitiveAllGuy
Javier Ruiz27RecreationalAllGuy
Doug Smith28RecreationalAllGuy
Dan Ocampo29CompetitiveAllGuy
Allison Diller30CompetitiveAllGirl
Dave Diller31CompetitiveAllGuy
Jeff Sherman32CompetitiveAllGuy
Emily Jackson34RecreationalAllGirl
Kathy Holcombe35RecreationalAllGirl
Keith Richards-dinger43CompetitiveAllGuy
Lindsey Bennett20SUP (All)AllGirl
Rebecca Giddens25SUP (All)AllGirl
Allison Diller30SUP (All)AllGirl
Emily Jackson34SUP (All)AllGirl
Andrew Webberley1KayakMasters (40 - 59)Guy
Gilbert Siegel4KayakSeniors (60+)Guy
Matyas Hilgert13SUP (All)Adult (18 - 39)Guy
Tanner Tito14KayakJuniors (15 - 17)Guy
Shaun Smith16KayakMasters (40 - 59)Guy
Mike Vest17KayakMasters (40 - 59)Guy
Anthea Raymond18KayakMasters (40 - 59)Girl
Sandy Pritchett19KayakSeniors (60+)Girl
Lindsey Bennett20SUP (All)Masters (40 - 59)Girl
Morty Testerman21KayakSeniors (60+)Guy
Chris Koerner22SUP (All)Masters (40 - 59)Guy
Keely Harwich23KayakAdult (18 - 39)Girl
Ron Hunter24KayakMasters (40 - 59)Guy
Rebecca Giddens25SUP (All)Adult (18 - 39)Girl
Eric Giddens26SUP (All)Adult (18 - 39)Guy
Doug Smith28KayakAdult (18 - 39)Guy
Dan Ocampo29KayakMasters (40 - 59)Guy
Allison Diller30SUP (All)Masters (40 - 59)Girl
Dave Diller31SUP (All)Masters (40 - 59)Guy
Emily Jackson34KayakAdult (18 - 39)Girl
Kathy Holcombe35KayakMasters (40 - 59)Girl
Lynn Siodmak39KayakMasters (40 - 59)Girl
Thomas Cormack41KayakSeniors (60+)Guy
Elaine Campbell42SUP (All)Adult (18 - 39)Girl
Abby Holcombe48KayakJuniors (15 - 17)Girl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Please reference: http://kernfestival.com for details.

Link to event instructions: 

Categories, recreational and competitive.
Recreational: Inflatable kayaks, kayaks under 11.5' and SUPs
Competitive: Hardshell kayaks over 11.5'

Please click on this link for instructions:

Triathlon course:
Run            Rec distance 2.3 mi.   Comp. Dist.   2.6 mi.
Ride           Rec distance 3 mi.      Comp Dist.    3.7 mi.
Paddle     SCE to Riverside Park = 

2017 Tri Course.jpg

Registration at Brush Parking Lot 10:30-11:45 am Saturday, April 22. No pre-registration.
$25 + $5 for ACA Insurance. Cash or check preferred. Credit cards cannot be processed at Brush Creek.

Boater's meeting at Noon. Mandatory!

Mens, Womens
Jr Men and Women (under 17) Must have parent/guardian signature on Waiver.

Water level could be quite high for the event.  Boaters should be familiar with the run prior to racing.
Brush Creek Co-directors: Evan Moore, Johnny Chase

Please reference: http://kernfestival.com for location and directions for each venue.


Apr 22 to Apr 23, 2017


Kernville, CA