5th Annual Turkey Paddle Potluck

Race Day Registration Opens 8:30AM Friday Nov 28th... On Site

Not enough Thanksgiving activities???
Join us on Friday, November 28, 2014!
Beginners and Experienced Paddlers welcome to our
day-after Thanksgiving SUP paddling event
on Mission Bay.
Bring your stand up paddleboard and enjoy some family fun!
Help raise $ to support SDCKT in their mission to develop youth paddlers while burning off that Turkey Dinner!

Who: Anyone who can SUP or wants to SUP!

Why:  Burn off that turkey dinner & race for silly prizes!

Where: SDCKT Team Headquarters on Fiesta Island

What:  1/4 & 1/2 mile fun paddle for 14 & under Turkeys + 3 mile fun paddle for the rest of the turkeys

Donation: $25 to help support the SDCKT kids programs! $20 for the Youth Only race.

FOOD DRIVE Request: Cans of SOUP 

1/4 mile fun paddle for 10 & Under
1/2 mile fun paddle for ages 11 - 14 
3 mile fun paddle for the rest of the Turkeys (Solo, Tandem or Relay)

Estimated start times:
8:30 -- Registration
9:30 -- Youth Races
10:00 -- 3 Mile Race

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Jacob Eash12SUP (All)14 & UnderGuy
Simon Miller15SUP (All)8 & UnderGuy
Morgein Eash17SUP (All)10 & UnderGirl
Kitsy Nipper20SUP (All)10 & UnderGirl
Conor Haffey24SUP (All)8 & UnderGuy
Rohan Marsters32SUP (All)14 & UnderGuy
Marcus Toyen42SUP (All)12 & UnderGuy
Darcy Forcier44SUP (All)14 & UnderGirl
Nicholas Roess46SUP (All)8 & UnderGuy
Jacob Roess47SUP (All)8 & UnderGuy
Ethan Baldwin53SUP (All)12 & UnderGuy
Keagan Lamar55SUP (All)10 & UnderGuy
Stephen Baker58SUP (All)14 & UnderGuy
Abby Baker59SUP (All)10 & UnderGirl
Alexandra Kelber60SUP (All)12 & UnderGirl
Emily Naitoh64SUP (All)14 & UnderGirl
Sean Trinh65SUP (All)10 & UnderGuy
Steve Naitoh66SUP (All)10 & UnderGuy
Jade Howson70SUP (All)12 & UnderGirl
Maddie Unruh79SUP (All)8 & UnderGirl
Tessa Sorensen88SUP (All)14 & UnderGirl
Libby Egan89SUP (All)14 & UnderGirl
Kate Egan90SUP (All)14 & UnderGirl
Alexandria Higginsol91SUP (All)14 & UnderGirl
Tori Higginson93SUP (All)14 & UnderGirl
Andres Perez94SUP (All)12 & UnderGuy
Zoe Hein96SUP (All)12 & UnderGirl
Marissa Kanoya97SUP (All)8 & UnderGirl
Tanner Jackson99SUP (All)12 & UnderGuy
Amy Hein101SUP (All)14 & UnderGirl
Lucas Stonehouse102SUP (All)14 & UnderGuy
Elena Stonehouse104SUP (All)10 & UnderGirl
Tristen Rosser107SUP (All)10 & UnderGuy
Gavin Rosser116SUP (All)14 & UnderGuy
Michael Miller2SUP Non-Raceboard18 & UnderGuy
Ryan Miller3SUP Non-Raceboard18 & UnderGuy
Debra Arnold4SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Girl
Alida Ramganesh5SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Peter Durdaller6SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Craig Kirk7SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Diane Kenney8SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Girl
Lance Shaw9SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Matt Hartnett10SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Heriberto Sanchez11SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Jo Miller13SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Jason Miller14SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Wade Williford16SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Mark Kenney19SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Kitsy Nipper20SUP Raceboard18 & UnderGirl
Craig Callender21SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Sage Harmon22SUP Non-Raceboard18 & UnderGuy
Sean Haffey23SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Julie Timm25SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Girl
Sarah Timm26SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Red Pedrick27SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Sean Barlow28SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Michael Kelley29SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Venessa Vigil30SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Erica Davis31SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Justin Kanoya33SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Kerry Mcmanemy34SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Paul Gallo35SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Michelle Renaud36SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Kim Mcdonald37SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Brenda Yanoschik38SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Girl
James Yanoschik39SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Kieran Bauman40SUP Non-Raceboard18 & UnderGuy
Jessica Friis41SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Tony Forcier43SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Darcy Forcier44SUP Raceboard18 & UnderGirl
Ken Baldwin45SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Dylan Fader48SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Paul Chevallier49SUP Non-Raceboard18 & UnderGuy
Bruce Wood50SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Trip Wood51SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Christophe Chevallier52SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Kristin Thomas54SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Girl
Keagan Lamar55SUP Raceboard18 & UnderGuy
Neil Van Der Byl56SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Arvin Quiros57SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Stephen Baker58SUP Raceboard18 & UnderGuy
Nathalie Kelber61SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Greg Kenney62SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Amy Kenney63SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Janet Gavaldon67SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Mira Corrao68SUP Raceboard18 & UnderGirl
Aidan Ogot69SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Jade Howson70SUP Raceboard18 & UnderGirl
Bill Randoll71SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Claudette Baker72SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Zibi Wadzynski73SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
David Paul74SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Maggie Adams75SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Mike Mulcahy76SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Kathy Mulcahy77SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Girl
Kelly Unruh78SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Maddie Unruh79SUP Non-Raceboard18 & UnderGirl
Tony Fajardo81SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Stefanie Graves82SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Richard Schweitz82SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Jim Craig83SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Ryan Sablan84SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Tamara Reed85SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Girl
Sacha Stevenson86SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Chris Grippo87SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Alexandria Higginsol91SUP Raceboard18 & UnderGirl
Patrick Higginson92SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Tori Higginson93SUP Raceboard18 & UnderGirl
Carlos Perez95SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Leslie Jackson98SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Chris Hill100SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Michael Stonehouse103SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Jason Gonzales105SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Darian Hildreth106SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Dean Ruffini108SUP Non-RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Troy Ruffing109SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Michele Jaramillo110SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Girl
Joseph Abraham111SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy
Haley Irving-ruffin112SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Girl
Roman Rosser113SUP Non-Raceboard18 & UnderGuy
Ej Johnson114SUP RaceboardSr. Masters 50+Guy
Justin Trinidad115SUP RaceboardOpen 19 - 49Guy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Fun races in front of the SDCKT boathouse on Fiesta Island

  • Address: 1750 Fiesta Island Rd, San Diego, CA 92109
    Phone:(858) 273-0063

  • When:

    Nov 28, 2014


    San Diego, CA